Sunday, March 30, 2014

Specifications Yamaha YZR - M1

Who does not know the Yamaha YZR - M1 , this motor is the motor mounts Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo ,who used to race in MotoGP 2014. Yamaha YZR - M1 MotoGP 2014 with a fantastic engine with acceleration enabled is ready to impress everyone. Maximum speed of motorcycle YZR - M1 Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo can be driven up to speeds over 340 kilometers / hour .

Velocity and acceleration can be created as supported by the performance capabilities of the engine with a capacity of 1000cc best Original manufacturer Yamaha Factory Racing and also the reliable mechanics that work optimally .The trial results showed that one round of the YZR - M1 1000cc machine can generate power of 240 - 176KW . Powered by delta box chassis types ,YZR - M1 enables accelerated and a good balance despite the high speed cornering .

In the MotoGP 2014 game of the year ,Yamaha will equip both drivers with 6 motor latest YZM - 1 fuel tank capacity of 21 liters with a pressure of no more than 10 bar is for use by each rider during the year .
These machines are used as a backup or as a replacement if there is a technical malfunction that may occur throughout the season .

Here are the specifications of the motor YZR -M1 for MotoGP 2014 :

- Machines
1000cc , 4 - cylinder inline liquid cooled with crossplane crankshaft .

- Chassis
Aluminum frame tube delta box with multi- adjustment steering geometry Aluminium swingarm

- Transmission
Type six-speed gearbox with alternative gear ratios

- Wheels
MFR made ​​from Magnesium wrought size 16.5 in front, 16.5 in the rear

- Brake
Brembo , two 320mm carbon front discs in two four - piston type of calibration . Single rear disc made ​​of steel a twin - piston caliper

- Strength
More than 240 - 176KW horsepower

- Suspension
Shock Ohlins fork microscopic at the front and rear shock absorbers . All adjusted with no load and compression before

- Tire

Bridgestone front tire and rear tire size 16.5 with the type of wet and dry

- Weight
160 kg . In accordance with FIM regulations

- Speed
A maximum of 340-347 kilometers / hour

This article may be useful for you, wait for other articles that discuss the motor in MotoGP 2014.

Ford Mustang 2015

Rumors about the Ford Mustang 2015 widely circulated saying that his presence will be seen at the Detroit Auto Show 2014 .But Ford still has not informed about the detailed specifications of the American muscle car legend .This was done to make a surprise for the community .

In connection with the lack of official information about this Ford Mustang 2015 ,many medium of expression itself .Many magazines in America about how your review and what the Mustang 2015 .
Ford, America, used cars, cars

Carrying one of the media saying that the American-made car is the Ford Mustang 2015 will use four-cylinder engines " EcoBoost " and given the ability of 248 HP ,Smaller than 60 HP 3.7 -liter V6 engine ,some instructions also said it will use the 2.3 -liter EcoBoost engine 350 HP .

In addition ,Coyote 5.0 -liter engine wear 429 HP ,while the 5.8 -liter supercharged V8 used in the Shelby GT500 has the power to 680 HP .

But others argue that the Ford Mustang 2015 will wear a 10 -speed automatic transmission .Girboxnya developed by Ford along with General Motors as a cooperation program both of which had been announced three months ago .

finally ,One of the magazines published two images which certainly tempting car lovers .Obviously opinions will continue to evolve and would appear very much speculation about this car .Ford issued until at last officially'll like what Ford Mustang later . We wait for the Ford Mustang 2015.

Hopefully this article can reproduce the information for users of the manufacturer of Ford in particular .

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Elegant Car from Honda

Honda CR - Z is Honda's sports car output .This car has two different power sources that work together in perfect harmony .You can choose three different driving modes .You can choose to drive normally ,or more agile driving with sport mode ,or reduce some by selecting Econ driving modes for fuel savings better .

Honda CR - Z has a 1.5 liter engine power ,16 valve SOHC i - VTEC 4-cylinder ,with a hybrid electric engine integrated ( Integrated Motor Assist / IMA ) ,which delivers up to 122 horsepower and 128 lb - ft of torque ,with a choice of six-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission the displacement system without pounding smooth transmission ( continuously variable transmission / CVT ) .

Honda, CR-Z, 2 doors, cool, nice, sport, sporty, Japan, Transmision Manual, Transmision Automatic

Honda, CR-Z, 2 doors, cool, nice, sport, sporty, Japan, Transmision Manual, Transmision Automatic

In the automatic type ,You can feel relaxed driving on the other automatically you can also raise or lower the transmission manually by pressing the gearshift is on the steering wheel ,to be more agile driving again , there are seven simulated gear ratios available .

In testing the fuel consumption in Japan obtained figures 4 liters per 100 kilometers for the automatic tramsmisi system ,and 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers for the manual transition system ,10-15 models for system testing ,and figure 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers for the automatic tramsmisi system ,and 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers for the manual transition systems , for system testing JC08 models .

Specification Honda CR-Z:

Engines 1.5-liter, 16-valve, i-VTEC, 4-cylinder
Integrated Motor Assist (IMA)
Cruise Control, 3 Mode Drive System, Eco Assist System
4 Wheel Disc Brakes, 16 "Alloy Wheels
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
Front, Front Side and Side Curtain Airbags
Active Head restrains
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Security System with Remote Entry
LED Brake Light
Automated Climate Control with Air Filtration
Power Windows with Driver's Window auto-up/down.
AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB 160 Watt Audio System with 6 Speakers

Friday, March 21, 2014

Tricks to Remove Scratches Vehicles with Regular Eraser

When we drive down the road anything can happen if we lose focus. Although we sedah ​​careful in driving a vehicle other people sometimes even driving casually so as to cause the things we do not want .Small example is like the scratches on the body of your vehicle .Indeed, it looks small but very disturbing at all to the appearance of your vehicle .Moreover, the vehicle is black ,of course,a scratch will interfere zoom .Your vehicle as unkempt as many scratches as well as the resale value will go down .

But you do not need to worry because I have a trick to remove the scratches .It is very simple and easy, do not need expensive equipment ,just enough with ordinary pencil eraser .

Right away ,Tricks like this way remove scratches vehicles with regular Eraser :

 Regular eraser , removes scratches , simple tool removes scratches , simple way , vehicle scratched

1 . Clean the vehicle body formerly contained scratches ,due to clean off the dust that stuck to the vehicle body .

2 . Use a pencil eraser ,then rub the scratches on the body .Rub as we remove writing on a book , do it one way .

3 . Clean with a cloth ,to remove existing scratches .

4 . Done . Scratches on the vehicle you also will be lost .

Note :
By using this eraser ,thin scratch is gone ,scratches while slightly thicker / in will only make blur the stroke .

Hopefully this article on Trick Removal remove scratches with regular vehicles can help you .

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to Replace Exhaust Correctly

As a channel for the passage of gas combustion or that we often hear the term exhaust. We should be able to treat exhaust properly, because it has an influence on engine power. Thus it is very important influence on the car exhaust .

In fact ,no little importance so a car owner who seeks to provide for the creation of the exhaust to get the maximum engine power .But no less a person feel disappointed after replacing the exhaust because it is less precise when replacing the exhaust .As a result, power generated is less than perfect or other negative impact is the fuel to be extravagant .

Therefore needed some way to get good results when replacing the exhaust .Here's a good way to replace the Exhaust .
Exhaust, car engines, exhaust gas, dirty, carburetor, exhaust headers

1 . Select the ideal size
the size of the exhaust pipe is commonly available is 3 , 3.5 , and 4 inches .If you do not understand about the size of the exhaust ,should ask the opinion of people who know to know the advantages and drawbacks when using the size of each option .

many things that need to be taken into account because the diameter of the pipe is very influential on the exhaust gases . Therefore ,choose the size of the pipe is very difficult to fit , calculation of the combination of the location of the machine , intake manifold ,carburetor or fuel the entry points must be carefully considered.

Also note that the header should be adjusted ,resonator ,and muffler to the pipe size .

2 . Make sure the configuration header and pipe design
Header exhaust gas is the result of the combustion of the engine block .In the four -cylinder engine vehicles header and totaled four six six-cylinder engine .

If you want to change the default factory muffler with exhaust products of other manufacturers .Be sure ,configuration and design of pipe holes and grooves absolutely right .

So in addition to not causing wasteful fuel cars , also boost energy .

3 . Customize your car with this type of transmission
When you use a manual transmission car then carefully note the start of the header ,resonator ,until the muffler .Make sure the size ,connection , as well as the design of the components right .

Therefore , the manual transmission car ,each time the gear position switch and gas pedal at that moment bursts of gas from the engine block increases .The gas stream that requires proper management in order to give effect to the combustion chamber back pressure precisely at the same time is wasted on a regular basis .

Meanwhile, if your car is an automatic transmission ,requirements are quite simple .Simply changing the header configured 4-2-1 with the right design plus the pipe diameter is not too large .

Hopefully Information on How to replace a muffler that can either be beneficial .

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Modification Honda CB - 70

For some people maybe the motorcycles output of Japanese manufacturers from the Honda CB - 70 has begun to be forgotten. As more and more motorcycles latest output with sophistication respectively. Maybe so people think that these motorcycles can not compete as seen from the maximum speed of only 80 miles per hours and displacement teeth only 3 .

But for lovers of the old motorcycles, This bike will never get rid of them. In addition to having a strong historical value, of course, this bike also has a very deep art. It is now very rarely used now, especially young people because young people may be thinking, pride / shame using this motorcycles.

But make no mistake, many people are updating the look of the Honda CB - 70. Indeed, in terms of speed nothing has changed significantly but from the look, many competing biased. Some people try to modify it in a way. Such as replacing the seat, the legs, using a wheel donuts, make tires so small, and other things that make the bike look cool.

Here are some examples of the Honda CB - 70 that has been modified :

Modifications becomes motobike style

Modifications becomes cooper style

american style, cooper style, Honda, long motorcycle

Modifications becomes retro style

retro style, yellow, donuts velg, enjoy

Modifications becomes flat style

modification, flat style, small tire

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Interesting facts about the Lamborghini Supercar

Who does not know the Lamborghini car ? Car lovers would know this car, the car has a very good quality and the price is expensive. Cars that have a symbol of a bull is now booming, so that the people who have money prefer this car as his mounts. The billionaire, the artist to sportsmen chose this car.

Car, Bull, Supercars

But there you need to know about this car after you skimming above, namely :

1. Lamborghini has a 6000 cc engine for the V12 engine used in Le Mans and Murcielago Cars speed up to number 370 miles per hour.

2. Lamborghini was originally built by an independent company, but experiencing bankruptcy in 1978 then sold to Chrysler in 1998, After the German company , Audi AG , took over and became the owner of Lamborghini.

3. Most automobile Lamborghini use with 12 cylinder engine or a V12. Although Lamborghini Gallardo uses a V10. But no one is certain Lamborghini never use under a V8 engine.

4. The first Lamborghini was produced in 1963 with the name 350 GTV. With a maximum speed of 280 miles per hour, Lamborghini 's first car then you can run faster than 300 miles per hour was produced in 1974 , the Countach models .

5. Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago all have scissor doors that rotate and forward on a hinge near the front door,  but not for the Gallardo.Countach and the Diablo are no longer manufactured, so the Lamborghini car with scissor doors currently only Murcielago .

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Powerful motors with the machines and different styles.

Motor manufacturer CR & S ( Cafe Racing and Sport ) which makes the motor Duu. It is now debuting with combining American muscle with European style .

Duu is a motor that is the latest output from the motor manufacturer based in the city of Milan, Italy . This motor is sold very limited so need to get the speed. Price for one unit of the motor is 19,000 euros, or about $ 25,900 .

By using X - Wedge engine 1,916 cc that produces more than 95 hp and torque of 140 Nm ( 103.3 lb.ft. ) at 2.500 to 4.700 rpm. The engine has two valves per cylinder pushrod heads with hydraulic adjustment , and three belt camshafts ( one intake and two exhaust ) .

Machine Amerika, Style Europe

Structural components made ​​of carbon, while the rest are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. Gas tank is divided into two parts, namely the backbone chassis and seat holder box structure. In addition, each new option introduced will be 100 % retrofittable on any Duu.

The components used for this bike is certainly of high quality, such as headlights, condoms tanks with storage function, GPS holder and folding glass ( CR & S patent ), passenger seat can be folded, oil tank with light alloy engine fins, tank pad, CR & S light alloy wheels machined from solid, SBK break disks, the different seat covers, aluminum filler cap, different chassis, different body graphics, and powertrain.

Old car back had much cache

A few years back, the lovers of old cars still shows its existence in the world of automotive especially car. But lately the existence of old car enthusiasts increasingly seen as many people who target older cars. It appears that most cars today is a car output in 1970, 1980.

old car, art car, modif

They say people love the car like DX, SL, SE, and others. They assume that there is art in the car. In addition, the output of cars in the 70-80s have parts readily available when the exhibition is not like a car output in 1970 down.

But make no mistake, even though these cars are old but thanks to polish their owners, the cars were like a car that does not want to compete with new cars.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tips on Caring For Not Blurred Lights

Driving at night requires us to always be vigilant because of conditions at night is very difficult to predict. Lighting our car is very important as a guide but it would be annoyed if we drive at night car lights blurred .

Frosted lamps, lamp servicing, dressing, tips and trick

If that happens of course very disturbing when we drive , one of which visibility is reduced. If it happens immediately brought to the nearest service station to be treated. Car lights can be caused by conditions of opaque glass lamp obsolete. Obsolescence can be caused due to long service life , or it could be caused by improper maintenance. To maintain the condition of our car lights to keep fit then serve glass lamps we have to do on a regular basis.

Keep in mind to adopt mica lamps, generally will be blurry because the older the age of the vehicle and the plastic materials are increasingly being exposed to hot temperatures, the possibility of cracking or breaking even greater. In the light using mica material can be easily removed or replaced. By removing the lamp cover, wipe it dry using a cloth and spray with air compressor or dryer plug back next meeting. As for the car lights that use glass not ready to handle all the car repair shop car repair front lights completely. So the glass lamp servicing this car could be a very promising business opportunity.