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How to Replace Exhaust Correctly

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As a channel for the passage of gas combustion or that we often hear the term exhaust. We should be able to treat exhaust properly, because it has an influence on engine power. Thus it is very important influence on the car exhaust .

In fact ,no little importance so a car owner who seeks to provide for the creation of the exhaust to get the maximum engine power .But no less a person feel disappointed after replacing the exhaust because it is less precise when replacing the exhaust .As a result, power generated is less than perfect or other negative impact is the fuel to be extravagant .

Therefore needed some way to get good results when replacing the exhaust .Here's a good way to replace the Exhaust .
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1 . Select the ideal size
the size of the exhaust pipe is commonly available is 3 , 3.5 , and 4 inches .If you do not understand about the size of the exhaust ,should ask the opinion of people who know to know the advantages and drawbacks when using the size of each option .

many things that need to be taken into account because the diameter of the pipe is very influential on the exhaust gases . Therefore ,choose the size of the pipe is very difficult to fit , calculation of the combination of the location of the machine , intake manifold ,carburetor or fuel the entry points must be carefully considered.

Also note that the header should be adjusted ,resonator ,and muffler to the pipe size .

2 . Make sure the configuration header and pipe design
Header exhaust gas is the result of the combustion of the engine block .In the four -cylinder engine vehicles header and totaled four six six-cylinder engine .

If you want to change the default factory muffler with exhaust products of other manufacturers .Be sure ,configuration and design of pipe holes and grooves absolutely right .

So in addition to not causing wasteful fuel cars , also boost energy .

3 . Customize your car with this type of transmission
When you use a manual transmission car then carefully note the start of the header ,resonator ,until the muffler .Make sure the size ,connection , as well as the design of the components right .

Therefore , the manual transmission car ,each time the gear position switch and gas pedal at that moment bursts of gas from the engine block increases .The gas stream that requires proper management in order to give effect to the combustion chamber back pressure precisely at the same time is wasted on a regular basis .

Meanwhile, if your car is an automatic transmission ,requirements are quite simple .Simply changing the header configured 4-2-1 with the right design plus the pipe diameter is not too large .

Hopefully Information on How to replace a muffler that can either be beneficial .
iklan atas artikel

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How to Replace Exhaust Correctly
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