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Interesting facts about the Lamborghini Supercar

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Who does not know the Lamborghini car ? Car lovers would know this car, the car has a very good quality and the price is expensive. Cars that have a symbol of a bull is now booming, so that the people who have money prefer this car as his mounts. The billionaire, the artist to sportsmen chose this car.

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But there you need to know about this car after you skimming above, namely :

1. Lamborghini has a 6000 cc engine for the V12 engine used in Le Mans and Murcielago Cars speed up to number 370 miles per hour.

2. Lamborghini was originally built by an independent company, but experiencing bankruptcy in 1978 then sold to Chrysler in 1998, After the German company , Audi AG , took over and became the owner of Lamborghini.

3. Most automobile Lamborghini use with 12 cylinder engine or a V12. Although Lamborghini Gallardo uses a V10. But no one is certain Lamborghini never use under a V8 engine.

4. The first Lamborghini was produced in 1963 with the name 350 GTV. With a maximum speed of 280 miles per hour, Lamborghini 's first car then you can run faster than 300 miles per hour was produced in 1974 , the Countach models .

5. Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago all have scissor doors that rotate and forward on a hinge near the front door,  but not for the Gallardo.Countach and the Diablo are no longer manufactured, so the Lamborghini car with scissor doors currently only Murcielago .
iklan atas artikel

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Interesting facts about the Lamborghini Supercar
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