Sunday, March 16, 2014

Modification Honda CB - 70

iklan atas artikel
For some people maybe the motorcycles output of Japanese manufacturers from the Honda CB - 70 has begun to be forgotten. As more and more motorcycles latest output with sophistication respectively. Maybe so people think that these motorcycles can not compete as seen from the maximum speed of only 80 miles per hours and displacement teeth only 3 .

But for lovers of the old motorcycles, This bike will never get rid of them. In addition to having a strong historical value, of course, this bike also has a very deep art. It is now very rarely used now, especially young people because young people may be thinking, pride / shame using this motorcycles.

But make no mistake, many people are updating the look of the Honda CB - 70. Indeed, in terms of speed nothing has changed significantly but from the look, many competing biased. Some people try to modify it in a way. Such as replacing the seat, the legs, using a wheel donuts, make tires so small, and other things that make the bike look cool.

Here are some examples of the Honda CB - 70 that has been modified :

Modifications becomes motobike style

Modifications becomes cooper style

american style, cooper style, Honda, long motorcycle

Modifications becomes retro style

retro style, yellow, donuts velg, enjoy

Modifications becomes flat style

modification, flat style, small tire

iklan atas artikel

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Modification Honda CB - 70
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