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Specifications Yamaha YZR - M1

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Who does not know the Yamaha YZR - M1 , this motor is the motor mounts Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo ,who used to race in MotoGP 2014. Yamaha YZR - M1 MotoGP 2014 with a fantastic engine with acceleration enabled is ready to impress everyone. Maximum speed of motorcycle YZR - M1 Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo can be driven up to speeds over 340 kilometers / hour .

Velocity and acceleration can be created as supported by the performance capabilities of the engine with a capacity of 1000cc best Original manufacturer Yamaha Factory Racing and also the reliable mechanics that work optimally .The trial results showed that one round of the YZR - M1 1000cc machine can generate power of 240 - 176KW . Powered by delta box chassis types ,YZR - M1 enables accelerated and a good balance despite the high speed cornering .

In the MotoGP 2014 game of the year ,Yamaha will equip both drivers with 6 motor latest YZM - 1 fuel tank capacity of 21 liters with a pressure of no more than 10 bar is for use by each rider during the year .
These machines are used as a backup or as a replacement if there is a technical malfunction that may occur throughout the season .

Here are the specifications of the motor YZR -M1 for MotoGP 2014 :

- Machines
1000cc , 4 - cylinder inline liquid cooled with crossplane crankshaft .

- Chassis
Aluminum frame tube delta box with multi- adjustment steering geometry Aluminium swingarm

- Transmission
Type six-speed gearbox with alternative gear ratios

- Wheels
MFR made ​​from Magnesium wrought size 16.5 in front, 16.5 in the rear

- Brake
Brembo , two 320mm carbon front discs in two four - piston type of calibration . Single rear disc made ​​of steel a twin - piston caliper

- Strength
More than 240 - 176KW horsepower

- Suspension
Shock Ohlins fork microscopic at the front and rear shock absorbers . All adjusted with no load and compression before

- Tire

Bridgestone front tire and rear tire size 16.5 with the type of wet and dry

- Weight
160 kg . In accordance with FIM regulations

- Speed
A maximum of 340-347 kilometers / hour

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iklan atas artikel

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Specifications Yamaha YZR - M1
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