Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ford EcoSport produce attention in Indonesia

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Ford Motor Indonesia was informal as a result of Ford EcoSport has been ordered quite a pair of,100 units since it absolutely was 1st introduced at the start of 2014. The Ford EcoSport is intended to support users doing daily activities.

In addition, Small SUV are on the market in seven colours (Red, hour Mars Sky, Lunar Sky, block Silver, Panther Balck White Frozen, and Winning a Blue) It's appropriate to accompany their homeowners to try to to journey activities on weekends.

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This automotive had a mixture of quality, design, Smart technology and exceptional price for cash, and can support your activities all told fields, including street flooding as high as fifty five cm thus robust

To prove the dependableness of the automotive could be a Ford Ecosport activities land Urban Discoveries that aims to prove the dependableness of the automotive that may be felt by shoppers.

Through the EcoSport Urban Discoveries that started from Jan to might 2014 has attracted the eye of the shoppers within the state, the U.S.e of social media because the path of communication permits us to actively reach resolute them, and the proof via social media activities the participants have given the EcoSport Urban Discoveries virtually 20.000 times through numerous social media platforms.
iklan atas artikel

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Ford EcoSport produce attention in Indonesia
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