Thursday, May 29, 2014

MINI Superleggera Vision encompasses a stunning Emotional

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MINI Superleggera Concorso d'Eleganza Vision engaging at Villa d'Este, 2014. Exclusive interpretation over the open roof cars 2-seater is meted out by BMW and itinerant Superleggera.

On the one hand, MINI Superleggera could be a classic roadster, small automobile 2-seater and agile. In different elements, mini Superleggera Vision drove the utilization of electrical power.

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Hallmark mini stick carried by mini Superleggera Vision with 2 spherical headlights and a polygon grille. Bonnet and distance length, as well because the short overhang preaching to United States that this automobile can offer you with pleasure pure drive.

MINI Superleggera elegantly capture the Vision of what a Classic mini began fifty five years ago: of the reduction to the essential things. These cars square measure energetic with a minimalist style. At identical time creates a novel emotional beauty in combining the past and also the future.
iklan atas artikel

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MINI Superleggera Vision encompasses a stunning Emotional
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