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Datsun Go Panca Give Choice MPV

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Latest car segment in Indonesia, LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) getting hit, proven models from this segment more often seen on the streets. Datsun Go Plus Panca, is the first product that has a passenger capacity of 5 + 2 in this segment. With a capacity of 1200 cc engines do look very tempting. This car is targeted for small families who wish to have their first vehicle.
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All variants, A, D and T, using a manual transmission five acceleration. The transmission is located in the middle of the dashboard near the parking brake. But with the placement of the Center panel, the space walk from the driver's seat and the front passenger is narrower than other minivans with a vehicle.

While in the second row, giving away much more comfortable space for passengers with a height of more than 160 cm in height. The ground clearance is not too high, such as a city car, making access to second line much easier and comfortable. As for the third-row passengers the right to be on top of the ban, the space provided is not too high and just comfortable to be occupied by children of less than 150 cm in height. entry to the third row was a bit difficult because only accessible through a second row bench can be folded once only.

Product and Accessories Planning of Nissan Motor Indonesia also explains that the concept of 5 + 2 is indeed made for small children. If the car is used for everyday use, vehicle owners can fold the third row to get the luggage capacity which initially only 48 liters into pints of 347.

Like other vehicles in the segment of LCGC, walking with a relatively high speed, the car starts to vibrate. When the Datsun Go Panca speeds 12-km/h, the car seemed to vibrate. Menanjakpun conditions for the car is not so energetic when using teeth into 2, and had to drop him into the teeth 1 to get stronger to pull uphill.

For security features, this car comes with a wide range of standard safety features like the crash zone and the seatbelt. But for extra features such as brake anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Hill Assistance does not yet exist. As it known, Datsun Go Panca is cheapest LCGC car in its class, with the number of passengers 5 + 2, the largest number of passengers in the car class.

Such an explanation of the Datsun Go Panca which is the cheapest car in its class.
iklan atas artikel

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Datsun Go Panca Give Choice MPV
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