Monday, July 7, 2014

New From Manufacturer Matik Scooter Suzuki.

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One more new skutik from Suzuki. The name Impulse and 1st free in Vietnam. The design, please see the shape. almost like Hayate. this might be the newest refresh of the Skywave and Hayate. however this one appearance additional elegant than 2 predecessors.

Its, wear rims sixteen in. Hoop and double sock at the rear wheels. additionally, the deck space of the ottoman has underbone like duck. harking back to the Yamaha Nouvo. And if additional totally, will definitely feel if the planning Impulse is analogous to Honda AirBlade is marketed in Siam and Viet Nam.

Pull line bodinya appearance additional dynamic amplifies the impression of magnificence. additionally an oversized split headlight conjointly became typical for Suzuki Impulse. Being during a dimension doesn't appear a lot of totally different from Suzuki Skywave and Hayate.

So too along with his machine, still carrying the one-cylinder 125cc SOHC engine with air cooling. specifically right as engine Suzuki Skywave and Hayate. Powernya reached vi.9 KW or 9.25 dk at 8000 revolutions per minute. Match the one for everyday use.

Hopefully the knowledge I give could also be helpful.
iklan atas artikel

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New From Manufacturer Matik Scooter Suzuki.
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