Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Subaru STI Performance-XV Edition

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The All new Subaru STI Performance-XV Edition that has recently been launched in Malaysia, seem a lot of jazzy with the STI.

The vehicle manufacturer from Japan that may be discharged in Indonesia in September, it adopts the technology of STI that is sometimes mounted on a regular automobile Subaru sedan.

Not solely improve the planning, victimisation the device of the STI, Subaru STI-XV performance enhanced particularly within the handling.

On the outside there's a amendment so as to enhance the performance of the vehicle. Installation of side-skirt, roof spoiler, and rear spoiler STI vogue the planning of XV-STI become a lot of jazzy.

Through the structure check, found the Subaru STI-XV to be a lot of mechanics and contains a stability of the ride and higher mobility than the quality XV.

Not several necessary changes occur within the interior. Subaru, however, provides a bit of chrome on some elements just like the handwheel, center console and exterior door.

Subaru STI-still carrying the XV engines carried commonplace XV. The engine capability of 2,000 cc is believed to be the Subaru still qualified on the automobile the family SUV. However, to enhance handling, FTB penyematan (Flexible Tower Brace) enhance response steering up to thirty p.c.

On the legs, alloy wheels seventeen in. metallic element Alloy wheels area unit still used because the commonplace XV. Similarly, the suspension continues to be an equivalent with the previous one.
iklan atas artikel

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Subaru STI Performance-XV Edition
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