Wednesday, July 2, 2014

VW Taigun - New Rival cars with spare tire on the back

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The latest VW car Taigun ready threatening Ford EcoSport, Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios . It can be seen from the newer version of the VW production approached Taigun at the Delhi Auto Expo, 2014.

VW Taigun will also be present with their spare tire in the back, like the three competitors. If it is present without being furnished spare tire, the car manufacturer's newest SUV cars from Germany this has the long reach 3895 dimensions mm and 3995 mm provided spare tire. In addition, Taigun also has a wide reach and height mm 1728 mm and 1570 1605 using roofrail. While the distance small SUV wheels VW reached 2470 mm.

While the designations for the heart, 4-seater SUV newest flagship VW will be present with the machine is supplied with capacity 1.0-liter 3-cylinder, direct injection (TSI) which is able to generate power reached 110 hp with torque reaching 175 Nm. VW also claims that his latest Taigun fuel consumption is extremely efficient with 21,28 km/liter. The fuel tank is supplied with a capacity of 50 litres, the new VW SUV is able to travel as far as 1,000 miles with the fuel tank filled to capacity.

In addition, the Taigun offroad capabilities are also provided with the aproach angle 28 ° front and rear 35.5 °. VW also equip its flagship Taigun with LEDS that are not only pinned as the daytime running lights on the front, but also on the part of his roofrail.

This VW Taigun concept first introduced by VW in the Sao Paulo Auto Show, 2012. Taigun spare tire also deliberately placed outside, that is because the greatly facilitates fast access for the owner to take and reinstall spare tire. In addition, luggage capacity or so storage space will also be wider at the rear and airy.
iklan atas artikel

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VW Taigun - New Rival cars with spare tire on the back
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