Monday, September 8, 2014

Advanced Automotive 2014, Mercedes-Benz S 65

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Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG V-12 high-powered 5.980 cc guarantees performance qualified. But what concerning the supporting feature him? Here area unit the most options that area unit offered with these two luxury sedan.

Transmission with 3Drive Mode
S 65 AMG area unit equipped with a system of transmission AMG Speedshift seven g-Tronic and to channel power to the wheel behind it. this method will accommodate three kinds of a drive are often chosen from the middle button. there's a selection of drive Controlled potency (C), Sport (S) and Manual (M).

Baterei Lithium-ion (the reduction of the burden up to 20 kg)
S 65 AMG doesn't use the accu electrical storage however baterei as lithium-ion. With a storage capability of 78 Ah, this battery can provide the electricity required to power the automotive and electrocution backup. It's no marvel if the technology is analogous to a transportable battery is capable of reducing weights 20 kg compared to standard baterei.

AMG Sports Suspension With Slope Setting operate
The AMG Sports mechanical system permits the S 65 AMG machine to tilt once it turns sort of a bike. the aim of this feature isn't to accommodate higher speed once turning, however presents comfort once cornering.

Head-Up show
Head-up show or emission info displayed in glass found on the S 65 AMG machine. info like speed, navigation, till the system drive are often bestowed during a visual on the screen.
iklan atas artikel

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Advanced Automotive 2014, Mercedes-Benz S 65
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