Thursday, November 20, 2014

In February, Suzuki Celerio Release!

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hatchback-size Petite, Suzuki Celerio, that appears dazzling in the title Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014 rumored to have been ready to enter stock car in United Kingdom starting in February 2015 future.

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The news confirmed by the Suzuki, United Kingdom that a new generation of All-New Suzuki Celerio as one of the global small-car Suzuki will come to the land of Queen Elizabeth with a host of new devices more full than Celerio version of India.

Some of these are air conditioners, alloy wheels-alloy wheels, audio system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Electric mirrors safety features and extras such as airbags, 6 pieces ABS and ESP.

While the machine DualJet the latest 3-cylinder with a higher compression ratio powered twin fuel injectors embedded into the kitchen runway Celerio Europe-spec in order to ensure the efficiency of and its fuel consumption is more keiritan maximum which is claimed to reach the figure of 27.7 km/liter.

For additional info, the fate of the Suzuki Celerio in Indonesia got a little bright spot. While it is still not confirmed for sure, but his arrival at the end of this year It is not impossible.
iklan atas artikel

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In February, Suzuki Celerio Release!
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