Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lightning LS-218, is the world's fastest Superbike??

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Lightning Motors Corp, automotive companies are developing two-wheeled vehicles ' super ' with base cell technology a.k.a. electrically. More or less for the past 6 years, Lightning has resulted Motor electric phenomenal.
automotive companies, Lightning Motors Corp

Now, the figure of this manufacturer's superbike the name stuck out in foreign media. The figure claimed superbike as the current fastest motor named Lightning LS-218.

Electric Superbike that is valued at US $ 38888 It is able to record top speed reaching 218 mph or equivalent 350,8 km/h. Power ranges from 200 hp with the rotation of the engine reach 10500 rpm as well as peak torque reached 168 ft-lbs or 227,7 Nm.

With the support of 12 kwh power source, Ls-218 this content once battery power is able to traverse a distance of about 160 kilometres of the 90s.
iklan atas artikel

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Lightning LS-218, is the world's fastest Superbike??
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