Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Limited Edition Porsche Sedan "Limo"

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Porsche Jakarta continued information regarding presence of sedan "limo" Porsche Panamera produced only in limited quantities,100 units for all over the world.

This Panamera-based model long chassis like limo,especially at the rear passengers,the Panamera Turbo S Executive.Engine-powered car with 570 HP is disclosed in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2014.

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Each unit of 100 hand-painted this car immediately to ensure harmonization of color.

This is the first time the Panamera Exclusive Series using a combination of two colors.The color under the door handle Black color contrasts with the timeless gift of time, combined with the metallic Brown as a backdrop. In the meantime, rims are 20 math. also sprinkled with Black metallic color.

His seat and the bottom of the door panels leather clad Poltrona Frau, the prestigious brand, Italy Agatha Chestnut Brown.

As optional, Porsche also offers a travel bag that fits in with this car, as many as 5 pieces, who also uses Poltrona Frau, as well as print arising from the Porsche Exclusive Series.

The automotive industry will certainly getting crowded with the presence of a Porsche Sedan ' Limo '
iklan atas artikel

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Limited Edition Porsche Sedan "Limo"
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