Monday, November 17, 2014

New Yamaha YZ6R Latest 2014

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Yamaha is back presents a row of warriors for the 2014 model, one of them, namely FZ6R. Born as a motor sport with the 600cc engine, now it looks even more fierce than ever.

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New Yamaha FZ6R is present by giving a series of features allows you to progressively prevailed. The higher the position the ideal upholstery as well as distance handlebar (steering wheel) that ergonomics the provide comfort as you travel further.

In addition, his 600cc machine reliability increasingly capable of reliable, plus more torque advantage into one complete package for you turing activities fans. Diamond steel-frame configuration. It has provides stability and a satisfactory level of handling.

New Yamaha FZ6R become one of sportbike that gives the value of the price of comparable comes bundled with its own level of excellence.It supported features with sleek-fairing, maximum exhaust system design, aggressive bodywork until a relatively affordable price.

New Yamaha YZ6R 2014 this pegged the starting price US $ 7,790 to US $ 7,890. For the cheapest which is US $ 7,790 applicable to variants of color Raven (full-black). As for the Rapid color Red/White Pearl  (red/white) sold for US $ 7,890.
iklan atas artikel

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New Yamaha YZ6R Latest 2014
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