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Auctioned off his Rare Lamborghini!

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Who is not familiar with the famous automobile manufacturer with a production car ' supercar ' with the symbol of the aggressive bull will want this butting. Yes, the manufacturer which is the pride of the citizens of Italy, Lamborghini is well known with the sports car firm that has the look of his car on each gahar. Recently production cars Lamborghini discovered that isn't an aggressive sports car, but a car 4 × 4 which is very rare.

Lamborghini, Rare Car

Seven years ago in Iraq there are many artificial Lamborgini cars and the Americans unwittingly are rare cars Lamborghini mehancurkan 4 × 4 's. But who would have thought there is still a car this rare Lamborghini Lamborghini LM002 named belonging to Saddam Hussein's son Uday Hussein. A similar car is rare now will be auctioned by RM Auction with a bid of prime numbers in US $ is pegged 120,000.

In addition to a very different look at Lamborghini car in General. A 4 × 4 car has performance that is very fierce. Because we know the Lamborghini supercar manufacturer is with large-capacity machines that emit enormous energy. Car 4 × 4 is also the exclusive cars which only produced as many as 300 units are scattered to different countries in the world.

4 × 4 cars Lamborghini has a total weight of 6.780 tons which had touted the performance of pull or a better acceleration than the Range Rover at the moment. With acceleration of 0-100 km/h takes only 7.7 seconds. That is because the engine is a 4 × 4 car using V12 berkonfigurasi engines with capacity 5.2 Litres using manual transmission 5 speed.

The Lamborghini LM02 who auctioned the car with artificial time March 1989 owned by Robert f. Meyer of Hoquiam are owners of both were living in place with Washington. He already has this car for 23 years and the car is very well maintained. Odometernya also shows a figure of 18,000 miles with all original car part conditions. With the look of red and black interior must have collectors scrambling to get rare cars of Lamborghini on this one.
iklan atas artikel

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Auctioned off his Rare Lamborghini!
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