Thursday, December 18, 2014

BMW car Running with the Smartwatch. Really?

iklan atas artikel
Smart watches or smartwatch during this just serves to read email or make a phone call. BMW now unlock the potential use of the smartwatch into a high level again. Can call the Middle car parked.

So no need to call the valet, simply touch the screen and you will be fascinated smartwatch because car BMW i3 will run its own approaches You in the lobby restaurant or hotel.
Smartwatch, BMW i3

BMW said it deliberately host it, because it is still a bit of an automobile manufacturer glanced technology like this.

This feature would be named 'Remote Valet Parking Assistant Concept', which every BMW rider can monitor and ' calling ' their cars.

Not up there, BMW will also implement the latest technologies that will get a New 360 degree, this feature would provide reassurance to each owner that their car will not crash into the autopilot.

More detailed about this technology will be introduced at the BMW exhibit Costumer Electronic Show 2015 future.
iklan atas artikel

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BMW car Running with the Smartwatch. Really?
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