Friday, December 19, 2014

Ferrari Cars Rare land in Arabic

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A rare Ferrari cars, Ferrari, Sergio has arrived in the United Arab Emirates. Ferrari were sent to his new owner SBH Royal Auto Gallery, the United Arab Emirates. Roadster Limited Edition designed by Pininfarina is only created as many as six units.
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On the front side of the car, Pininfarina has been integrating lights headlight in a classical movement, making it a single-transverse elements are transparent, a distinctive mark of the purity of the extreme stiffness of this car.

Powered cars 605 hp produced by Ferrari engine 4,497 cc The award-winning V8 International Engine of the Year three times in a row. With this machine, capable of carrying cars running from 0 to 100 km/jamdalam tempo 3 seconds

On the side of the back, round the back light is also a modern touch to the history of Ferrari. Two-tone motif continued on Hood front or back cover featuring the iconic wind holes circular which can be seen in the works of other Iconic Pininfarina before.

The cockpit of the car sent to Abu Dhabi has three coats of exterior paint color and Red very sporty cockpit with wrapping leather black with contrasting red stitching, fitted seat material Alcantara, as well as a vast carbon wrap of das and lis door pretty. This car also showed off a mock special wheels Sergio, this time in gold color with the touch diamond.
iklan atas artikel

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Ferrari Cars Rare land in Arabic
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