Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Google Car Ready to Compete

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Google announced a prototype of automatic vehicles without drivers that they develop is already ready to be tested on the streets.

Google will spent his holidays at the track workouts and hope can be seen on the streets of Central California on new year's Eve.

Google, Car, Ready to Compete

This is a manifestation of the prototype plan that Google disclosed last may, which gave birth to the car's own steering wheel fitted without automatic processing.

This car does not have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, or because it is not needed. Software and sensors-sensors will do it all.

Google revealed earlier this year that the top speed of the dinyawai prototype battery that is 40 miles per hour and is designed for the benefit, not a luxury. In the blog it looks round a vehicle like the insect.

A number of car manufacturers are creating autonomous vehicles or semiotonom features, such as a car that can park itself, but no one has really thrown into the market.

Automatic vehicles, if adopted widely, will be the same transformatifnya with smart phones for the life of the consumer.
iklan atas artikel

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Google Car Ready to Compete
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