Friday, December 19, 2014

Hyundai i10 Grand GLS AT: New Wide Hexagonal Grille

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Image as a quality car at a Hyundai i10 are already sounding the Grand from the continent of Europe. among other things because the car has been certified with four-star safety rating from Euro NCAP on medio May 2014 and then.

Hyundai , Grand GLS AT
Grand i10 himself indeed projected to European markets. No wonder this car ever designed thomas Buerkle, Hyundai designers of Europe. With the various advantages of yesteryear, Grand i10 certainly has great potential to be accepted in the Indonesian market. Here presents three variants of the Hyundai i10, the Grand GL M/T, GLS M/T, and GLS A/T

At this time, we got a chance to test the highest type of Grand i10 GLS A/T. With the price around, this fight in class citycar competitive. Actually when buying a car, not only the price to be a primary consideration. Quality car into consideration means, or in other words, the value (value) which represented the vehicle worth the selling price being offered. The Hyundai i10, the Grand has the value we think necessary to reckon with.

The Grand design of the i10 is very different from its predecessor
. His design is emphasized with a New Hexagonal Grille Wide that characterizes global Hyundai products at this time. Modern impression is also displayed on this car with Daytime running lights embedded Lights (DRL) under the fog lamp.
iklan atas artikel

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Hyundai i10 Grand GLS AT: New Wide Hexagonal Grille
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