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New Toyota Prius will Crossover Concept Stretcher

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Toyota hybrid cars quite successful selling them, the Toyota Prius, the automotive market in the world. A moment where the world is being hit by the oil crisis made people buy cars that are more environmentally friendly than conventional machines it.

New Toyota Prius will Crossover Concept Stretcher

Since it was first launched in 1997, to the present is already three times the Toyota Prius on a facelift done. Well, for the fourth edition of the Toyota had planned to introduce it in the spring of 2015.

But according to the news of this plan seems to be null and void because the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, ask the design team to redesign the car.

This move was done because the latest models are considered to be lacking in accordance with current market demand which is leaning to a car Crossover Utility Vehicle or CUV. Currently Toyota's competitors have already begun to ' market ' the automotive world stormed over with new concept cars such as the Honda H CUV-RV and Mazda CX-3.

The latest generation Prius will take base of of the Toyota concept car C-HR. With this design are expected to be the first hybrid car for sale free it could appear more sporty and simple impression.

Although body does not change, but the dimensions of the car will be five centimetres shorter due to a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor that they develop the latest generation are a bit smaller.

Change the dimensions of the machine also affect the interior became a little wider, so that it can increase passenger comfort. This fourth-generation Prius will start at the end of 2015 was produced, but unfortunately the Toyota has not been willing to divulge what price they ask.
iklan atas artikel

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New Toyota Prius will Crossover Concept Stretcher
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