Friday, December 19, 2014

Renault Eolab Ready So Competitors Volkswagen XL1

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In a previous article about Volkswagen launched the XL1, such as jolt. How can some cars just have one liter of fuel to travel the distance of 100 km. VW Steps like pulling the trigger the machine gun. Bullet-bullet idea from other manufacturing tumbled to fight XL 1. Including the manufacturing origin of Renault, France. In a structured, systematic and massive, Renault to raise power to preparing a antitesa from XL1. As a result, — a car named Renault Eolab.

Renault, France

Unlike XL1, Eolab closer to be true. If your XL1 looks very futuristic and goes to her capacity for just two people, Renault Eolab shaped hathback with a capacity of four people. Although still a concept, in the future, Eolab aims to replace the Renault Clio. That's why in terms of shape, weight, and performance of the Renault Clio was made a ' benchmark '.

Renault Eolab have 100 technological innovation which emphasized at the three main aspects of the light weight, aerodynamics, and hybrid engines. However, the biggest challenge is the combination of these three aspects or pillar that must have reasonable prices.

Renault Eolab prices will certainly economical. But if compared with the current Renault Clio, of course will be more expensive. If Eolab went on sale, then the owners will find that the operational costs of this car will be very cheap. Fuel consumption would be more efficient, you could save money, then car tax is also much cheaper as it gets from the Government, and privilege ' giving back ' like that cumulatively would defeat his selling price.
iklan atas artikel

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Renault Eolab Ready So Competitors Volkswagen XL1
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