Saturday, December 6, 2014

The appearance of New Bajaj Pulsar 200SS ABS

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New Bajaj Pulsar 200SS became one of the much awaited sport fairing by automotive critics. Inevitably such sightings as recorded by the camera to some to be a signal of a new figure will be questioning her future.

The pictures that were scattered in the virtual world of motor sport production version of India's land. Two generations of the latest Pulsar sport headlamps are almost similar to the New Bajaj Pulsar 400SS Concept that previously had exhibited at the Delhi Auto Expo. Other similarities are also quite visible from the handlebar and patterned kenalpot shorter.
Types of machining equipment used by this New Pulsar 200SS, still using its model with cc as a whole giving 199,6 power up to 23.2 hp and peak torque of 18.3 Nm.
New Bajaj Pulsar 200SS is expected to immediately haul and released a couple of weeks. He will be placed on a caste above the Pulsar 200NS and still under RC KTM 200 segments.
For the price of New Bajaj Pulsar 200SS ABS is still unknown.
iklan atas artikel

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The appearance of New Bajaj Pulsar 200SS ABS
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