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Tips on how to care for Defogger

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Not many components on cars that do not need special care. Defogger one. This glass heater barely need treatment.

Though almost without treatment, but it's worth noting a few things which are quite important. Like the time to turn it on, or cleaning the back window behaviour also.
The actual existence of this rather important. defogger Its main function is to keep out the fog happens in the back window or side back window for most types of vehicles.

The fog comes if the temperature between the cabin and the outside is not balanced. Usually come when it rains, because the cabin is sure to turn on the air conditioning there is fog on the glass behind the driver's view of the annoying obviously. This is where the main function of the defogger.

Most major i.e. enable defogger only when needed. When it was detected in the dew-new, turn on your back window. New rains do not already activated. Then immediately turn off after the dew is gone. Often happens, keep lighted and defogger on the glass has no dew. Defogger indicator is active only in the light of the button and the glass was hot or warm
Be careful also with the socket or connector on the defogger. Position stand, quite possibly tersenggol when the glass in my lap. Although very rarely damaged, there is no harm in opening an existing socket to see his condition. For a car that is already rather long, careful to lead connectors, do not get disconnected.

Name of goods, will certainly find life. Defogger could have been damaged. One of the reasons for the replacement glass film. Clearly visible broken defogger, i.e. There will be a difference in color between the active and still does. Active usually have darker colors.

Braided line is this the defogger on the inside of the glass. Made of copper and quite possibly breaking up because of the wrong treatment. If it is hopelessly difficult addressed. Most easily attached using Tin, but it looks ugly. The other option is to replace the glass is certainly not cheap.

The easiest treatment is quite humid only. Do not use rough rag material, especially for cars that are not coated with glass back window film. Wherever possible use regular cotton cloth or chamois
iklan atas artikel

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Tips on how to care for Defogger
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