Friday, December 19, 2014

Volkswagen XL 1 Tasting Hard Streets

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Volkswagen XL 1 a try on the highway for the first time. Two passenger cars with diesel engine-electric hybrid is, capable of recording fuel consumption as much as 313 mpg or of about 141 km/liter. Very efficient isn't it?

Volkswagen, XL 1

The secret lies in the application of carbon fiber polymer body Volkswagen XL 1 and 2 cylinder engine applications, with 800 cc, diesel-fueled, with an additional electric motor. Low ground clearance also support rate XL 1. The high only 1.282 mm or lower than a Porsche Boxster designer door and using scissors that exotic.

Volkswagen XL 1 maximize aerodynamics with an applied form of "drops of water". XL 1 also eliminates the traditional rearview mirror and replace it with a small camera that gives a description of the State of the vehicle's exterior to the inside of the interior. This function is called e-Mirror.

Vehicles produced at the Volkswagen factory in Osnaburck, Germany, only available for steering riders left. XL 1 still manufactured with the hand held power will also produce the next variant of the 250 XL 1.
iklan atas artikel

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Volkswagen XL 1 Tasting Hard Streets
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