Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Elegant Feel of The Nissan Juke ' Stinger ' Edition!

One of the new costumes in the robes of a special limited edition Nissan Juke Stinger appears in mesmerizing event Los Angeles Auto Show some time ago. Offer the feel of elegant wrapped in characteristic of the Nissan crossover.
The Elegant Feel of The Nissan Juke ' Stinger ' Edition!

It is one of several models of cool results Color Studio Program, Juke shows more character Stinger classy without uninstalling the sporty impression. What's with the dominance of black yellow accents along with integrated into the identity of its uniqueness.

Some of its corners are given a touch of freshness with an accent of yellow at the rear view mirror cover, door handles, rear tailgate spoiler to front and rear bumper areas. Do not miss the sector legs also updated wearing burly rims size 17-inch.

The inside of the cabin, not less interesting. The cozy interior of the bundle looks increasingly cool with colors of yellow in the center console, air vent rings, stitching steering wheel, shift knob and power window switch plate.

According to the official web Special Edition Nissan, Nissan Juke Stinger it would made exclusive with limited quantities. The consumer must be ready to spend starting from US $ 23.290.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yamaha R1 New Design Specifically for Race

Yamaha really seriously prepare concrete steps in preparing their action on the track World Superbike Championship (WSBK) years 2016 to come. The unpromising way proven by the decline model YZF-R1 and a new model designed specifically for racing.

Yamaha R1 New Design Specifically for Race

Family Yamaha R1 seems to be the coming of the new series again after previously inhabited by R1M, R1, and R1S as version terbawahnya. This time Yamaha offers a special version of the touted reserved only for racing. If distinguished at a glance in terms of accessories and various trinkets in his body, this race-only models such as R1 standard made minimal jewelry.

Laburan basically dressed plain black without the versatile accent strip charts. In fact, the license plate number, the back seat or rearview mirror no longer attached.

This model is already marketed in the special race bike dealers in Japan. It was intended to retain the kitchen runway R1 Yamaha Motor Europe hosts standards and sold in units is extremely limited. Even the process of booking only served until 21 December 2015, for a total span of time only three weeks.

Reserved price, Yamaha pegged the nominal 1,994,000 yen.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

M-Sport Edition Fiesta ST Serve Flavored WRC

Stylish appearance will be tempted, Ford Fiesta ST, M-Sport that some times are believed to develop next-generation Ford to the World Rally Championships (WRC), released a special edition of the Fiesta ST that has been given a variety of special improvement.

Evolved from a hot hatch-style urban present, Fiesta ST M-Sport Edition appeared with nan racing aura detailing the unique searoma with Fiesta RS WRC.

M-Sport Edition Fiesta ST Serve Flavored WRC

Starting from the exterior, an impression reinforced by the adoption of racing gloss black rear spoiler and carbon fiber build numbers mounted on the tailgate. Livery graphic 2015 M-Sport World Rally Team mounted as a unique identity while simultaneously complete the renewal of the outer shell.

The feel of racing also settles into the inside of the cabin that is now filled with a sporty atmosphere by a custom steering wheel wrapped in leather and alcantara material as well as M-Sport logo embedded in the upholstery, floor mats, knob gear and rev counter.

For the performance, kitchen runway EcoBoost 1.6 liter received Mountune MP215 upgrade that adds the initial output of 197 hp and 274 Nm be 212 hp with torque 320 Nm. Power thus transmitted to the alloy wheels OZ Superturismo 7x17-inch ET42 Ford gearbox IB6 through with Quaife ATB limited slip differential.

create a special fan of Ford in the United Kingdom is capable of, he brought the Fiesta ST M-Sport Edition with enough to spend of £ 21600

Thursday, November 26, 2015

F.B. Mondial Hipster Motor Powered 250cc and 150cc

A warm fraternal relations between Count Guiseppe Boselli (owner of corporate F.B. Mondial) and Cesare Galli (owner Pelpi International) resulted in a great masterpiece that is perfect for Your classic and enthusiast of one package in the style of hipster.

F.B. Mondial Hipster Motor Powered 250cc and 150cc

He called the F.B. Mondial Hipster because not only classical, but embedded within various modern devices that comply with the modernity of the times. In a physical, was filmed in both the automotive enthusiast that looks so details passed dent dent-neat and measurable.

Although intended for the European market and briefly appeared at the EICMA Show this huge event 2015, F.B. Mondial Hipster prefer small single cylinder 250cc engine with power quantity reaches 125 hp. She wears 4 valve transmitting 6-acceleration supported by electronic injection and liquid cooling.

Double rear shock and front type USD for seems able to combine between old and modern design. Let alone the suspension used can be adjusted to get the sensation of driving good close range or long route.

In addition to the 250cc version spawned, two Princes of the company also took out the smaller 125cc engine, that nicks its strength also minimalism with only 24 hp.

Capacity tangkinya fair to accommodate gasoline when it would travel far because he provided 14 liters of storage and the overall gross weights only reaching 130 kg.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bugatti Chiron, Got High-speed?

Though not officially released, the lucky person in Dubai already feel directly the latest version of super Bugatti line, i.e. the Chiron.

A number of any specification of the virtual realm flourished that the car is translucent 300 km/h within fifteen seconds and 0-100 km/h in 2.3 seconds.

Bugatti Chiron, Got High-speed?

However, it is expected that this car could penetrate 500 km/h, though this has not been the testers prove it. This could reach the point of Bugatti speed machine thanks to the cc 8000. He has 15 even called radiator.

With the large capacity cylinders even arranged in the shape of the letter W with 16 cylinders (W16), the energy is then approximately 1500 1500 PS with torque Nm transmitted through transmission 7-double clutch acceleration.

Rumors of his standard wheel rims wear already 20 inches 21 inches in front and at the rear, while the used tire Michelin Pilot Sport type PAX, with disc brakes measuring 420 mm front and rear 400.

Monday, November 16, 2015

This Original New Hypercar Figures Of Arab-Made!

Shadow sharp grooves that adorn the latest supercar athletic body made Arab, Fenyr Supersport, still haunt enthusiast of exotic cars of post emergence in cyberspace some time ago.

This Original New Hypercar Figures Of Arab-Made!

Once the hook the public attention the automotive world, jagat W Motors as the creator of the supercar seems to intend to increasingly cultivate a sense of curious fans with the release of a new teaser video that shows the detail of the original appearance of the ' Wolf '.

Although he embraced a model familiar with ' brother ', Lykan Hypersport, flavour design Fenyr Supersport called for more aggressive aromas. Any speed lovers would makin crazy about kala glance spec is hidden behind the engine hood.

Blowing power nan awesome than twin-turbo 4.0-liter flat-six-powered 900 hp and torque 1200 Nm is maximized by the aerodynamic body design and super lightweight ready evocative ' lust ' their lovers of speed.

Fenyr Supersport ascertained entered heavily wilderness competition global production number with the hypercar 25 units per-tahun and price is one of the units range in numbers of US $ 1.8 million.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Porsche 918 Spyder ' Worn ' Dubai Police

Seems most intense police fleet designation with the world's most comprehensive collection of super cars still hasn't quite made law enforcement officials Dubai, they recruit a new retainer back which would invite decak amazed and envious glance from lovers of exotic cars.

Porsche 918 Spyder ' Worn ' Dubai Police

Now accompany the performance Coupe, Lexus shared F RC Toyota Land Cruiser, the Aventador Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW i8 FF, Brabus Widestar, Bugatti Veyron and a few other high-performance car, the Porsche 918 Spyder that was successfully recruited as ' muscle ' new fleet of Dubai police.

The figure of the hybrid hypercar appeared the more truculent wearing white and green livery that is so characteristic of law enforcement one of the richest cities of the world. But not for the pursuit of criminals, he will be more widely used for the promotion of tourism in the area of patrol and the hectic tourist.

With a value that is not less than US $ 845,000 the pull of the Porsche 918 Spyder coul not be underestimated. Behind her exotic, a pair of electric motors and engines V8 4.6 liters capacity N/A 887 hp ready took it accelerates from 0-100 km/jam in 2.5 seconds.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pre-launching, Ducati Spread Teaser The new Scrambler Saturday 400cc

Approaching procession of loading the prestigious event EICMA Show in Milan Italy next week, the local automotive podusen whose name has worldwide, certainly have prepared various new variants to amaze the automotive are interested in there. From the kitchen production Ducati, will present a new model and now fed scrambler Saturday smelling machine 400cc.

The message of the coming of the new naked Ducati are in fact already santer reported by various media world. Strategic steps to promote his new Ducati models were somewhat unique, i.e. uploading various comic strip that raised the character of Bart and Betty.

Moreover, some time ago, a local magazine Motociclismo Italy get exclusive photos of the appearance of the modern-classical model it while doing testing on the streets of mountains bersaama brother.

New Ducati Scrambler Saturday 400cc will position themselves in the line-up for the upcoming 2016 Ducati and became one of the nine new variant promised by Ducati. In it also registered big names like the New 959 and New Hypermotards Panigale.

In the dimension he indeed appears to be smaller than its predecessor which of course larger-engined. The front arm still wear the traditional model and not Upside-Down. Plus arm swinging a thinner design with the overall framework of similar Scrambler Saturday 800.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Toyota Tundrasine, A Limousine Pick Up Nuances Of Private Jets

How would it be if the limo SUV type vehicles manufactured from or pick up? Toyota had the answer through the Tundrasine they show off at SEMA in Las Vegas, United States.

Toyota Tundrasine, A Limousine Pick Up Nuances Of Private Jets

Toyota modified the SUV pick up terpopulernya in the United States, the Tundra into a limousine eight doors. This crazy modification using base 1794 Edition Tundra CrewMax 4 × 4 with the wheelbase extended to 2286 mm more.

In addition to being longer and be the eight doors, not much special on revision of the elegant exterior with Midnight Black Metallic and eight other color options.

While the Interior of the cabin, the Tundrasine is designed to give the sensation is as if in a private jet. Brown Leather wrapped present throughout the individual chairs to behind wooden trim, contrasting white stitching, and mood lighting.

5.7 litre V8-powered engine 381 hp and torque of 543 Nm relied to bring passengers in luxurious cabins, combined with 6-speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive system.

With the modification, the Tundrasine was a concept berobot 1037 kg heavier than the Tundra's standard, i.e. be 3618 kg.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lexus F GT3 RC Racing Research will

Lexus Announces plunge in world racing championships in collaboration with Paul Gentilozzi and a new Lexus F Performance Racing relies on RC F GT3.

It is believed a new task F Performance Racing strengthens brand Lexus F by studying the race while doing development of machining until the development of high-performance passenger car.

Veteran racers Scott Pruett entrust will drive a GT3 RC F. Rumored F Performance Racing will start doing a limited campaign in 2016.

At the beginning of its participation, the only team to focus on the development and collection of data and experience on the track to set up the car the more toned.

While the scheduled for 2017 to 2018, will try to go down the full F Performance Racing and competing with other cars Pruett.

The Basic Specification Of The Lexus F GT3 RC
Dimensions (pxlxt): 4805 x 2,000 x 1270 mm
Sumburoda: 2730 mm
Weight: 1300 kg
Installation: V8 5.0 L + 500 hp
Transmission: 6-speed Sequential with paddle shift
Origin: Japan, Toyota Technocraft

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Kept His Promise

Toyota United kept his promise to market Toyota RAV4 Hybrid at the end of the year 2015. RAV4 Hybrid show off at the New York International Auto Show last April.

Believed to be a hybrid RAV4 is eighth in the Toyota lineup. Despite that RAV4 car remains a formidable pioneer since two decades ago. RAV4 still serves the control, comfort and fuel efficiency.

RAV4 Hybrid vehicle is a very dependable support young people, though still save money on fuel. From the EPA test results, consume abakar 14 in the city of km/liter, toll roads and the combination km/liter 13.1 14 km/liter.

RAV4 Hybrid presented two options premium i.e., XLE and Limited. Both of these Hybrid will be more energetic and more toned accelerates.

Only when it is reasonable to pair Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel-Drive System with Volker (AWD-i) as standard equipment. Second was the independent movers, motor that drives the rear wheels to get optimum traction.

As for the four-cylinder engine 2.5 L Atkinson and small high-torque electric motor became a mainstay in the transaxle. Battery Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH).

A total of 176 horsepower hp at 6000 rpm and torque of 233 Nm at 4100 rpm. Have the ability from 0 sped km/jam is 8.1 seconds.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Toyota Camry TRD SEMA Edition, Remove The Impression Of Elegance

Elegant look like little was given a touch of sportsmanship, as seen in Toyota Camry TRD SEMA Edition. Show off your good looks at SEMA 2015.

 Toyota Camry TRD SEMA Edition, Remove The Impression Of Elegance

Still carrying the body of the Camry V6 XSE alerts 2015, however have been refined a bit on the face, the more rigid body structure, aerodynamics to more silent when it is inside the cabin.

Relying on body position, the inimitable TRD Camry slightly fell 45 mm 70 mm in front and behind. To support the aerodynamics. Traction with the road surface better and control, including the appearance of increasingly aggressive.

Is the workmanship of Motorsports Technical Center with the handling of the machine working on Rich Garveer. As for the painting was entrusted on Randy Prevatt.

Exhaust pipes, suspension is inimitable TRD. RIMS is the bronze-colored artificial TRD measuring 21 × 9.5 inches in front and back. Wrapped in the front tires front and rear are both 255/35 R21.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The New Mini SUV Chevrolet Turbo Indonesia Started To Be Presented

The new mini SUV Chevrolet Trax indicated glide in Indonesia began to show. Party PT General Motors Indonesia started to give a mere passing social media about the presence of the car all terrain turbo-engined compact size it.

 The New Mini SUV Chevrolet Turbo Indonesia Started To Be Presented

Chevy lovers, ready to welcome the new Member of the family Chevrolet Indonesia.

Although the image is shown only one, many parts of which can already be seen. Almost no difference in the interior sector compared with turbo Trax which was marketed in America.

Grille remained with the same design, split vertically with the Chevrolet logo in the Center. Then as well as crossover or SUV mini in General, the main light was present accompanied by fog lamps in the bottom.

The lip of the front wheels back room with a black line which continues to elongate circle the bottom car reinforce the impression of a car design that could make the PD factory driver while on non-tarmac. Not to miss, there are roof rails on the roof.

There has been no information exactly when this mini SUV will be presented in the country wholly, to the reserved price.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teeny Sports Cars Belonging To Toyota

Fulfil his promise some time ago, small-bodied sports car that once was juxtaposed against the Mazda MX-5 Miata Toyota would go home to Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

Teeny Sports Cars Belonging To Toyota

The concept of named Toyota S-FR that adorn the Toyota booth in the Hall of the Tokyo Big Sight is designed with dainty forms that represent the reincarnated classic cars Toyota Sport 800 in more modern physical as a ' sister ' of Toyota GT86.

Because the body is impressed many who thought the cute little S-FR Manchester untied to the segment of kei-cars that are so characteristic of Japan, but armed with the dimensions length, width mm 4,169 1,960 mm and height 1320 mm the concept coupe would threaten the existence of the car sports classmates Mazda MX-5.

More unique again in terms of structuring the interior that looks simple yet modern, it appears there's a smartphone attached as a substitute for the functions of the head unit. The simple solution is to wrap the device smart comfort system for entertainment including music and radio and navigation functions in a package a simple smartphone.

The small sportscar Toyota FR-S, if so produced heart designations would be filled by machine 2NR-FKE Atkinson-cycle 1.5-liter-powered 130 hp-owned JDM Corolla Axio system with D-4S direct injection.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

'The Faster Son' Yamaha XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto

A classic wrapped sport art ' The Faster Son ' Yamaha XSR700 crime Chabbot Engineering Shinya Kimura assembled and dressed with a part by part-custom team-builder of origin Germany JvB-moto (Jens vom Brauck).

Until the birth of a new character with the essence of the classic the sporty style brings similar but a little more dynamic.

 'The Faster Son' Yamaha XSR700 'Super 7' by JvB-moto

He is referred to as the Yamaha ' Super 7 '. Jens (short term JvB-moto) remodel retro impression XSR700 by adding the strip without having to cut or change order.

In essence, he just want to shift the XSR700 retro aura become elements of the heritage typical of the House customnya. From there was born a motor super clean that accentuates the work with weights very lightly, powerful and agile like a standard XSR700.

According to the exposure of Yamaha Motor Europe in the official site, almost most part worn by ' Super 7 ' is the original artificial JvB-moto and his plans will be available to a limited extent for some users XSR700. Some of these include exclusive device LED indicator and artificial Daytona speedometer. Side cover, exhaust and seat unit is uniquely formed because it is tailored to the needs of the custom House.

While in line aft, mudguard, taillight and license plate numbers placemat is also a result of her inimitable JvB-moto front mudguard, including that made dainty and practical.

The design of the legs ' Super 7 ' entrusted Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa tires on and rear suspension mono total grip from the manufacturer Ohlins. While the front forks are still relying on the default just a little shock modification to customize the design of the motor.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Three Wheel Motorcycle Yamaha: Yamaha MWT-9

Clarity about the preaching of the new three-wheeled motorcycle Yamaha some time ago is now finally revealed. The motor that was previously assessed as a result of Yamaha Gen-03 with the bed legs like YZF-R1 it, apparently named as MWT-9.

Currently the Middle MWT-9 were displayed together with the other siblings at the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2015, to compete with rivals who are both coming from Japan.
Three Wheel Motorcycle Yamaha: Yamaha MWT-9

Development of Yamaha MWT-9 based on naked-bike Yamaha MT-09 850cc engine with three cylinders. In overall dimensions, it has a length of 3900 mm, width 1720 mm and weight of 750 kg.

Yamaha calls MWT-9 as a concept that is very bad for kornering and PIN the jargon of ' Master ' Cornering him. The actual capabilities based on the technology development of the front legs that are not only strong but also flexible.

That's why Yamaha also referred to it as ' Multi-Leaning motor Wheel (LMW) ' when tilted positions, the use of legs is no longer just resting on one front and one back, but instead the two front wheels and one rear making it taste better.

In addition to MWT-9, Yamaha also showed off a super advanced technology that would be expected would be a pioneer in the development of robot rider. He called the Yamaha Motobot ver. 1.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

GIRELLO – The Walker Friends for Fun Hanging Out in The City

Retro works with cub, home modification Jezel Motorcycles this time indicates a different work than ever before to fill orders one of the lovers of automobiles in particular modifications. Take a basic motor ' men's ' 70s-era with a number of custom touches and merge part.

GIRELLO – The Walker Friends for Fun Hanging Out in The City

This time the works making Motorcycles Jezel quite unique, where Honda S90 1979 converted to motor with the concept of a Fun Retro-style Monkey, with a mix of some part of Honda's own, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Appear different, shows namannya unique however represent what an inspiration and hope from a custom motorcycle.

This work called GIRELLO, meaning Walker (the walker). In accordance with the themes that carried, this bike is more intended for the just for FUN, hang out and streets within the city.

To get the look of a custom motorcycle that fits the concept and customer satisfaction workshop this custom embed a number of parts.

For the sake of presenting a masculine impression, using tyres GIRELLO cross, Ape hanger Handlebar and sissy bar.

Basic motorcycle: Honda S90th 1979
Frame: Suzuki A 100
Wheels: Primax Trail 3.00 – 12 ", alloy wheels: MTR 12"/2.15
Ape hanger handle bars with Internal Throttle Mechanism and Opposite Clutch Lever
Electricity, 12 VDC
Lamp: 5 Watt LED (front), 3 watts of eagle eye (rear)
Free flow exhaust with Girello emblem as a heat protector
Laser Cut aluminum seat
Suspension: Front: rear: DT, Yamaha Suzuki Smash
Recondition engine
Paint: Tribal Airbrush
Accessories: Sissy bar, Hip flask, Jezel emblem

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Would The Brake Discs With Wholes Are?

Disc brakes on cars and motorcycles, especially the sport, created with the form with wholes are. The form it had a special function. Here's the explanation reserved form of the hollow.

The shape of the hole on the brake not only have one function, such as reducing the heat of the metal when braking.

The function of these holes to reduce the weight of the cross section and expand the release of heat moments braked. Disc diameter and width of pad (shoes) determines the magnitude of the braking power.

The shape of the discs on each motor is already adapted to its function. Power pengeremannya had adjusted.

Disc brake on a motorcycle made of special materials. Not only, but a mixture of iron and one other upholstery which makes it have a good lasting power.

Their material made from a mixture of steel and SUS (stainless). This combined so that the disc is strong and not corroded. That way, the brakes were not easy to ngelos.

That's a brief explanation of why the brake Discs are made hollow.

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Form Of Crossover Datsun Go Appeared!

Rumors of the existence of a new crossover model Datsun Redi-GO after which some time ago had warmed up proved to be true. Car manufacturers slash valuable expose the original crossover figure later named Datsun GO-Cross at the Tokyo Motor Show recently.

 A Form Of Crossover Datsun Go Appeared!

Exploit in one of the most prestigious automotive event in the country Sakura it, mentioning that the Datsun model Go-Cross is a preview of the new family line posibilitas will be Datsun Go and Go + that has spread across global markets.

The theme of ' spirit and a sense of adventure ' uploaded radiated kian condensed from going. Especially on the part of the muscular fascia angled unsightly as well as great sexy body-style mini-SUV.

Adopt a platform and a number of styling elements from his brother Datsun Go + MPV, the concept of Go-Cross is claimed evolved so the aroma of a more modern design than the previous model.

Certainty details the features and specifications of the Datsun Go-Cross concept to this day is still gray. However some sources predict the kitchen was would be powered by a 1.2-liter engine with manual transmission 5-the same acceleration with Go +.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mercedes-Benz Presents SUV GLE 400 AMG Coupe in JAS 2015

For the first time Mercedes-Benz AMG Coupe 400 GLE in Indonesia via Jakarta Auto Show 2015 title. Enliven the segment of the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) premium, this model complements the existing lines such as The GLC, the All New 240 ML CDI and the GLA Class.

A pride for us to participate in the exhibition automotive SUITS 2015. In this opportunity we present a line of SUVS that are capable of demonstrating our superiority characteristics without limit, confidence and elegance.
Mercedes-Benz Presents SUV GLE 400 AMG Coupe in JAS 2015

GLE 400 AMG Coupe was able to bring the elements of sporty coupe built by the characteristics of an SUV. Besides the characteristics of typical AMG looks radiated on the front and the back. Where there are vehicles that are contoured sides and lengthwise with the radiator grille that blatant centered along chrome louvre.

The impression of SUV really popularized through interior design. Back seat GLE 400 AMG Coupe rear seat even has the widest in its class. In addition, with the payload weights reach 1720 litres, this vehicle has the largest trunk in the segment record coupe.

Affairs of the heart pacemaker, GLE 400 AMG Coupe 2996cc V6 engine the armed power of 333 hp and a maximum torque of 480 Nm (1,600-4,000 rpm). By using the siatem otomotis. 9 g-Tronic transmission 9 acceleration, this premium SUV capable of darting within 5.9 seconds from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour.
Mercedes-Benz AMG Coupe 400 GLE any is priced at more than 1 billion rupiah with the status off the road.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Chevy Bring Versions of Hot Spark RS to SEMA

The prestigious universal modification contest Specially Equipped Market Association or abbreviated as SEMA next month became one of the most awaited event of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. The greatest variety of mounts oprekan results were to adorn the event held in Las Vegas.

 Chevy Bring Versions of Hot Spark RS to SEMA

Chevrolet is rumored to designate acquired a form of more hot and muscular from one hatchback special studies are labeled with the name Spark RS that specifically will be shown at the event.

Although recently will perform as a concept model, Spark labeled ' RS ' it looks quite promising with glue a myriad of accessories tantalizing envelops the entire body.

Stature is more macho and saucy thanks to its carbon fiber body kit that includes a front splitter, rocker extensions and rear-lower extension. The more dashing kala imbued those legs with a more aggressive suspension ceper and new alloy wheels-sized 17-inch.

For a while this new portion of the composition around the exterior of the Spark of RS are leaked to the virtual world. Part of the kitchen was not known would gain improvement or not.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Toyota Auris New Rivals, HR-V and Juke

The hottest info just spread in cyberspace about Toyota's new crossover that would later fight  Nissan Juke and new super popular champions Honda HR-V.

Toyota Auris New Rivals, HR-V and Juke

Toyota finally gave the assurance a matter of fate, a futuristic look of the Toyota concept C-HR, which are certainly ready released four-wheeled stock as one of the latest in the crossover line retainer facing the rival heavy who now dominate the segment.

Still keep the myriad mysteries, new public can enjoy views of the funky crossover production figure of uploading new name Toyota Auris Cross the upcoming event in March, Geneva Motor Show 2016.

That makes the more curiosity the more unbearable especially when Toyota's President, Akio Toyoda, specifically ask for a taste of a more adventurous design and radical candidates for their new bully so that no less than very concept.

Behind the unique nuances of futuristic appearance that there is still potential performance qualified ready digeber in the streets. The new champions who adopt TNGA platform (Toyota New Global Architecture) these have more value because the kitchen was planted with hybrid engine 4-cylinder CVT.

Friday, October 23, 2015

2 Things Cause AC Not Cold

Air Conditioning not cold could be the issue in the middle of the ride vehicle is kala a drought like this. Night temperatures in urban areas such as Jakarta alone can approach 30 digits degrees celsius, much less the time of day.

What then causes the car's Air Conditioning not cold, basically the issue was divided into two, namely electrical and mechanical damage.

 2 Things Cause AC Not Cold

Damage mechanical means a diminished freon or even exhausted. This condition happened due to a leak in the evaporator section.

The leak could be solved by patching or welding. But sometimes less good raw materials so that the leakage will spread in many points.

If the temporary nature, it can be patched. If you want to be great should be refilled. If welded Yes strong, but if you want to permanently replace Yes. If patched, this point is patched, a point that others do not.

In the meantime, the damage is in electrical occurs because the compressor is off. However, damage to the compressor can happen due to a number of factors, ranging from the cable car, up to the computer.

In electrical, maybe compressor is dead. Baseball way. It's cause the AC baseball winter. Blower only. The cause is what, maybe a fuse broke up. May magnetnya dead. Maybe the cable or from his computer. It's all been set of computer Yes. From his own computer, it can be problematic as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oil change only took 90 seconds, how?

The process of replacing the car oil indeed is sometimes a hassle and require more effort, although the way it works is quite simple. Thus, when it's time oil change, car owners more often took it to repair shop rather than doing it yourself. Now the technology is getting advanced and provide solutions to you to change the oil more quickly and do not need to elaborate. Castrol are leading the way. With their latest products, Castrol Nexcel oil change so very easy and super fast.

Oil tank Castrol Nexcel offers along with the filter which is directly integrated into the engine room. The box-shaped part that is very easy to remove and re installed, very similar to replace the battery. When it's time to turn of the oli, you only have to buy one package of Castrol Nexcel by swapping the old tank with a new one. The process is similar as well as buying a gallon of water or gas tube 3 kg. According to the news released by coolthings, Castrol have tested for a range of Nexcel car type, ranging from small city car models to high-power racing. Nexcel next will is tested on Astin Martin Vulcan as his penalty.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yamaha Set Up A New Concept Car!

Accounting is already almost three since the first time you post a concept car called the Yamaha Motiv. e Prototype Tokyo Motor Show event in 2013. In the same event this year, Yamaha would demonstrate his sincerity makin to plunge into the world of four-wheeled.

Included in an official release of the list row mounts concept Yamaha, appeared a beautiful silhouette of the mysterious car image that is scheduled to join the biggest event was featured in Tokyo the end of October.

Very little information to be had about this mysterious car. Yamaha itself is absolutely not give hint aka instructions, unless the design concept of this motorbike took inspiration as well as express the distinctiveness of the ' Unique Style ' property of Yamaha.

See the pictures from the possibility of Yamaha will embody a sporty coupe car armed with the kitchen runway between plug-in hybrid or fully electric-the usual became the theme of a new concept that is present in Tokyo.

Certainly not just the car that would decorate the booth ' Yamaha Motor Product Orchestra ' at the Tokyo Motor Show later. Release by the manufacturer, based in Iwata, Japan, promising that at least there will be the 20 latest concept work model would fascinate the visitors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lova RV, New Chevrolet's MPV

Chevrolet under the General Motors Indonesia previously settled the history factory Spin on Indonesia. That step followed with plans to make cheap car collaborating companies of China, Liuzhou Wuling.
Lova RV, New Chevrolet's MPV

But in the middle of a plan that has not been missed it, a few days ago Chevrolet thus leaked the new image an MPV.

Lova RV, car names, almost similar to the Spin, got a sporty spoiler, xenon headlamps, high-roofed, and the rest of the tail to the back of a pretty long.

Part tow itself mimics the Camaro, one of the legendary brand output products.

There has been no further specification of information regarding the engine, just mentioned that long wheel base of about 2.5 meters aka quite Agile for use within the city.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Demon Black 2016

Said reserved sportbike, the country famous for its Bollywood country is indeed not too santer became the material discussed. But when I saw the bit about Bajaj Pulsar Livery Black Edition, maybe you would be interested in tasting it slightly.

The name Bajaj Pulsar continue to air on the surface with the birth of new variants including Pulsar RS 200 is now offered with a new outfit that is increasingly tempting.

 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Demon Black 2016

Bring pride slogans "Fear The Black", Bajaj has recently announced a new character called the New Demon Black that will meet other colleagues i.e., Red and Yellow

The physical marks of Demon Black alloy Pulsar RS200 with a bit of grey and Red alloy embedded in body decal. The characters seem alive because of the impression of the typical Pulsar Sport Adventure.

Indication of the change in performance is not at all seen in Bajaj Pulsar Demon Black Pulsar RS200. That means he would keep holding the kitchen runway single-cylinder cc water-cooled 199,5 claimed capable of spewing power to PS and torque 24.5 18.6 Nm.

On paper, the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 which provided with the acceleration-6 transmission was able to penetrate the speed reached 140 km. highly enough for everyday driving.

He also paired with legs 17 "and disc brakes hidrolis as one of the system's salvation, while the ABS device is offered as optional for those who want a more stylish and safe.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ferrari F12tdf Finned Just Made 799 Units

Ferrari F12tdf finned which would slide in the near future not only special in terms of technology and form, but also the number of units to be produced. As the vehicles are ready to plunge in this circuit, the amount of production was not even up to 800 units worldwide.

F12tdf is a form of expression just straight from the concept car's Highway to the extreme that nobody will look also mounts in this circuit are only made as many as 799 units.
 Ferrari F12tdf Finned Just Made 799 Units

He uses a machine that developed from his brother, F12 Berlinetta nature, which won the award several times. From the base car was F12tdf, developed with a number of reference based on the DNA of Ferrari.

It includes development on its V12 engine, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics. With the results in the form of points more in terms of acceleration and grip, the car Ferrari call Java.

Ferrari himself developed his car through the program XX which harness the riders who have not so experienced to try out their artificial high-performance cars. This became the background of why the fourth vehicle can turn.

The development of the Ferrari was named the system Virtual Short Wheelbase. This is the first technology that is applied to the F12tdf. Ferrari to make the rear wheels off. The process of his work involves logical controller that allows the rear wheels automatically adjust the angle of the car maneuvers while turning.

Beyond that, who 6.262 cc-engined supercar-powered 767 hp also has a wider front wheels to cope with oversteer. Enlarged wheel size of 255 be 275, with the channel front size of 9.5 inches to 10 inches so limit oversteer, but still provide a challenge for riders who have not so experienced.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

2nd Gen version of the Mitsubishi ASX

Certainty will be the emergence of the concept of an electric Mitsubishi SUV eX concept in event 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later was officially announced quite some time ago. Following with insubstantial photo gallery which is also published by Mitsubishi.
2nd Gen version of the Mitsubishi ASX

Well, take inspiration from the appearance of sharp futuristic beraura Mitsubishi concept designer, eX X-Tomi imagined flavour an eco-friendly concept's exterior design that if adopted into a new generation of sport Mitsubishi ASX.

The results are remarkable. In the result image rendering, digital appears markedly stout stature offspring new ASX makin contains with a new plugin that looks increasingly prominent in the area of the fascia.

In addition to an aggressive front area, combination of dent body nan sharply with integrated door handle and floating C-pillar like a Range Rover Evoque delivers more sporty atmosphere which surrounds their skin.

What kind of machine is somehow deserved to be implanted into this car. But considering he is drawn based on Mitsubishi's eX, kitchen electric-powered runway makes sense only for embedded into the kitchen runway the second generation Mitsubishi ASX.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Leakage Kawasaki Ninja ' S2 ' Supercharged Version Of The Mini ' H2 '

A figure emerged after a Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS KRT Special Edition, factory original automotive Sakura this is really no death in processing new motor-powered motor-great! Will come yet another variant recently named ' S2 ' which allegedly is the version of the mini Ninja H2.

Rumours of the presence of the Kawasaki H2 beginning presented the original iconic magazine expand local Japan, Young Machine, claiming that the motor is not only contain smaller 600cc machine composition, but also weighted more lightly than H2.

Before rendering the ' haunting ' universe, virtual worlds, in July and then some design patent had upload many mysteries. While it appears the certainty if he provided by engine supercharged, yet with different designs and configurations of the hyperbike.

Many issues, such as the bergentayangan that mention if it appears he forecast would be built from the design of the ZX-6R with power as strong 1000cc, but got the same hospitality as the er-6f.

Its presence to the world will end up being a huge anticipation and possible to perch under the Kawasaki line-up of the upcoming 2016.

If the circulating rumor proved true, Kawasaki Ninja Master is expected to be ready appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, which also means that live waiting time until the end of October.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Splendor Of The Toyota Supra Succession Figure

Toyota sports car line in addition to the GT86 soon will get an extra few ' new ' forces. Including the concept of S-FR will be released at the end of 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.

The Splendor Of The Toyota Supra Succession Figure

But the fans will not be able to forget the ferocious-looking mounts that appears early 2014, prompting a rather huge performance in the Detroit Motor Show. He is known by the name of Toyota FT-1, a figure which reportedly destined heir DNA Supra in the future.

The last rumor is the news not long ago, according to the news by Carbuzz, mentioning if the collaboration of BMW and Toyota were planning on laying a new sports car production's fate was decided in December.

Unfortunately there is no certainty whether the car in that plan is the new Toyota Supra, Toyota FT-1 as well as the possibility of new models that use a blueprint of future Toyota sports car.

As an additional note, Toyota FT-1 concept is one of the latest Toyota mounts look sexy clothing ' futuristic '. The outer appearance is made striking with a big nose, big fender air intake and makes it appear muscular.

Here's a video attached to the offer details perfection and the beauty of the ' Toyota ' Future.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Toyota Had A New Sports Car-Bodied ' Petite '

Original manufacturer, Toyota, Japan has recently been formally promising appearance of tiny sports car concept is a figure that will be relied upon as ammunition to fight the Mazda MX-5.

 Toyota Had A New Sports Car-Bodied ' Petite '
Projected as a 'brother' new Toyota GT86 Toyota named teeny, the concept S-FR this according to news by Carscoops some time ago will be released fully in public in one of Japan's largest automotive titles, namely the Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

Toyota S-FR and fresh specifically to give the owner of the car berkonfigurasi seat coupe 2 + 2 is a more enjoyable driving experience. His body is also fairly compact size dimensions length width mm, 4,169 1,960 mm and width 1320 mm.

Hailed as a reincarnation of the Toyota Sports 800 aka ' Yota-Hachi ", which became the forerunner of the legends cars sports interior order Toyota, the new concept car looks sporty wrapped color combination black with yellow accents in some corners.

Info that is circulating in cyberspace mention if later so produced, Toyota is S-FR this would be more friendly than his brother Toyota enclave GT86.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Isuzu Elf Hybrid Ready Showcase and a variety of Advanced Truck

Isuzu commercial vehicles as a manufacturer and world class diesel engines will continue to create a trend of commercial vehicles of the future, one of which Isuzu Elf hybrid truck concept and some hi-tech at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

Imagine if car travel is already carrying the hybrid machine? Well, Isuzu Elf Hybrid is already equipped with the function of the new EV Mode (Run by just relying on the electrical power on the motor) and ' Smart Glide + E Control '.
Isuzu Elf Hybrid Ready Showcase and a variety of Advanced Truck

With the function of the function – the vehicle can run at a constant speed and operated in the mode of fuel-efficient severed relations clutch to the engine to utilize style inertia.

When the vehicle speed down (slow down) and it takes energy (for example on slopes), the electric motor will provide additional power. So that the vehicle can run subtly.

In addition, there is also a hybrid Elf Isuzu Erga. This bus has a low chassis and equipped with a 4-cylinder engine are small, which aims to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Transmission of the AMT recommended for customer who needs a fuel-efficient vehicle compare dynamic performance, and AT for customer who needs a dynamic performance than fuel efficiency. This vehicle has only 2 pedal for easy ride.

In fact, the Isuzu Forward F-Cargo already are equipped with many advanced features like luxurious passenger cars, ranging from the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC), Pre Crash Brake (PCB) and Miliwave Vehicle-to-Vehicle Distance Warning System.

Monday, October 12, 2015

BR-V Honda in India Use Diesel engines

Various info little by little popping up related plans of the emergence of the production version of Honda's BR-V. Last news from Honda Prospect Motor in Indonesia, the car was marketed in six color choices.

BR-V Honda in India Use Diesel engines

Those colors are Crystal Black Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Taffeta White, Lunar Silver Metallic, Passion Red Pearl, and Misty Green Pearl.

Other news coming from the neighboring country. In India, the car will be marketed shortly after emergence in Indonesia in early 2016 given orders already reaching 2500 unit more.

Not just that, in India, the Honda had a plan to market a version of the diesel engine or ready to drink diesel. The engine code itself is a 1.6-liter i-DTEC aka 1,600 cc-engined or slightly larger than that will be using petrol fuel.

In India, he will be produced in April 2016 Tapukara district, Rajasthan.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Exclusive Ducati Scrambler Paul Smart Edition

Ducati Thailand fielded a new retainer from the cage, their classic Ducati Scrambler Saturday. The hosts of this exclusive special characteristic of the legendary Ducati racers ala named Paul Smart.

Exclusive Ducati Scrambler Paul Smart Edition
The emphasis of architecture itself is based on the stream of the Scrambler Saturday then adjusted with the basic Sport Classic Roadster. That's what makes it seem more alive and was impressed. Moreover, the world flow modifications now being crowded lift back vintage design.

The publication of the Paul Smart commenced Scrambler Saturday from meetings of the Managing Director of the Ducati Thailand, Apichat Leenutaphong, with Paul last year. Their talks from the beginning it was not far from the discussion and the Srambler modifications.

Some time later, the two were scrapped and started working on the design of the motorcycle is beautiful. In total, 11 months Ducati successfully complete missions ranging from design to enter production.

Laburan silver became the cornerstone of color with tan contrast to relive the essence of classic-styled old racebike. Starting from tank, a large painted and Ducati logos pepper the ornaments like belts melili linkar bodi. The architecture is made exactly like the original bike that was ridden by Paul.

Some touch and swinging arms dye calm tralis, but impressed more striking after the whole identical with tan and gold on a fork.

Part which is of course not to be missed of course lies in the momentum of the number 16 in the left-side of the aftermath. That figure is a form of luck when Paul captured the title at the Imola 200 in 1972. When he managed to subvert the world class racers such as Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read and John Cooper.

Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition anya there are 24 units in the world and have all been digelontorkan in Thailand. In just a short time the tap is opened, all bookings direct units sold out! Thailand is indeed a very large market for Ducati.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Honda CB Twister, Does The Slider CB300R?

After the previous universe virtual worlds were struck with Honda CBR250RR which would slide at the end of this month, a new character from the cage Honda Brazil apparently had first appeared and warms up the 250cc motorcycle market.

 Honda CB Twister, Does The Slider CB300R?

He was a Honda CB Twister 250 touted series replacement or may even additional models in the path specific Exchange CB300F marketing automotive Interior Samba.

Honda CB Twister comes with a berkubikasi SOHC engine 249, 5cc assisted oil cooler. Honda claims based, he is capable of putting the power to 22.6 hp at 7,500 rpm and peak torque of 22.4 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Go to the design of the order, she wore a diamond and type front suspension conventional telescopic model still uses. While the legs embraced the 5-spoke alloy wheels with a circumference of 110/70-17 tire for front and 140/70-17 Pirelli Diablo tires plus hosts Rosso for the front wheels. He is also increasingly a safety because the safety devices have been fitted brake ABS.

Cockpit elements look so modern after all the installed instrument panel with digital LCD display, full screen mode. If seen as a whole, the Saint is not much different with the CB300R during this already exists in Brazil, thus indicating the presence of opportunities for himself replaced the predecessor model.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The New Nismo SUV Champion Nissan's Offerings

Speaking of family with Nismo Performance Package, those who profess the lovers of cars in Japan that manufacturers will certainly direct recalled a set of privileges that a white robe draped with a touch of red accents.

The New Nismo SUV Champion Nissan's Offerings
 The greatest line range complements the Nismo, Nissan stealing public attention to global automotive released a figure of Nissan Patrol, the legendary SUV has a stout body, in one of the world's richest City, Dubai not long ago.

Special dilaburkan region into the body of the macho SUV Patrol presents the latest flavour is not less stylish than his brothers, model GT-R Nismo 370Z and also released within the same opportunity.

The outside appearance of the savory aroma accentuates the growing strong masculine thanks to arable cultivation characteristic bodykit Nismo. Includes restyling the front and rear bumper, side skirts new, more aggressive, sporty Red accent line typical Nismo, to forged alloy wheels 22-inch from Rays to supplement the nuances of the stump.

The atmosphere in the interior is no less stylish than the exterior. The sporty atmosphere mingled at the elegant aura finish with a combination of black trim and a White leather material. Two screens embedded in the front headrest ensure a more entertainment made its passengers.

Nissan Nismo Patrol with preparing the kitchen runway capacity of 5.6-liter V8 engine capable of producing a maximum power up to 430 hp, 28 hp which is larger than the standard variant of the Nissan Patrol.

Unfortunately Nissan reluctantly commented reserved car peak torque figure is claimed to experience increased 70 percent of models in circulation in the market.