Friday, January 30, 2015

Auto Matik Car Must Not Be Driven / Towed, Really?

iklan atas artikel
The type of motorist matik is still beset with a slogan which mentioned that the vehicle will be damaged if moved from one place to another by means of driven, towed in a state machine or die.

Thus, many riders who are worried and finally did not shift the car his matik while experiencing broke down on the road, although when road conditions are less secure. Is it true that the slogan?
Auto Matik Car Must Not Be Driven / Towed, Really?

Concerns that originated from an understanding if the lubrication of the components in the transmission fluid matik relies heavily on hidrolis, or automatic transmission oil.

Well, it's new hidrolis fluids circulate when the engine is turned on. The reason for the process of circulation of the liquid, it takes the new hydraulic pump can work at a time when the machine is on.

It is true, if the circulation of fluid hidrolis to lubricate the transmission components urgently needs new hidrolis pump works when the engine is on.

But, that does not mean the transmission will be damaged if the car is moved to another place in the State of the dead, especially the engine by following the following points:

1. to simply driven, or moved from the middle of the street to the curb, or a more secure place, there will not be any effect on the transmission conditions matik.

2. to move the car towed in a manner also does not affect anything, as long as penderekannya pay attention to the speed and mileage determined each Brand Holder Sole Agents.

3. When pushed or towed, be sure to position the shifter in N (neutral) position.

So, now you can infer it yourself right? How should you handle Your Matik's car.
iklan atas artikel

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Auto Matik Car Must Not Be Driven / Towed, Really?
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