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Dok-Ing Loox, Electric Automotive Car Petite Deluxe

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After the success of peddling tiny electric car Dock-Ing XD, the original robot manufacturer now Croatia that launched the second generation of the stun-powered car, Dok-Ing Loox. This newer generation body design and more luxurious and beautiful to behold, so some people refer to it as a small, Lamborghini will enliven the automotive industry.

Dok-Ing Loox, Electric Automotive Car Petite Deluxe

In contrast to older generation capacity of only two seats, three seats contains the Loox. One seat for the driver which is right in the middle and two passenger seats in the back.

Manufacturer maker claimed the layout of the interior of the car that adopts the layout of the McLaren F1 car. Although its length only 2.8 meters wide and 1.7 meters high, but the car went out of this access remains freely.

Understandably, in addition to large-sized, car doors that open upward. Even with the size of the mini, the car is very easy to get a parking space, even in a busy supermarket once did.

Reserved performance do not doubt. Electric motor with lithium-ion batteries 32 kWh, capable of producing energy by up to 64 hp. does it weigh quite lightly, because it uses the aluminium chassis and body is made of carbon fiber.

The result, with a light weight and energy of it, Dok-Ing Loox is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 7.7 seconds. Time is almost close to VW Scirocco GT acceleration for the same distance.

For charging battery is fairly easy, just takes 3-8 hours. Depending on the current sources used stun. Only, to redeem it is not cheap. Car prices Dok-Ing Loox US $ 35,000.
iklan atas artikel

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Dok-Ing Loox, Electric Automotive Car Petite Deluxe
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