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ESP technology On All New Honda Vario 150 eSP

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The all New Honda Vario 150 eSP had a futuristic look that can give new colors on the market in Indonesia skutik. Additionally Vario 150 gives the curiosity will be the technology provided.

ESP technology On All New Honda Vario 150 eSP

What is the eSP technology (Enhanced Smart Power) that is capable of making the engine becomes more efficiency on combustion and reduce wasted energy. With this technology the matic Honda motor will produce fuel efficiency and high performance vehicle at the time of driving.

Not to mention the ISS (Idling Stop System) that will add to car buyers. Because this technology is designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption when the ISS will be silent conditions turn off automatically and turn on the machine again only by turning the little lever on the gas.

In addition it also implanted motor technology the ACG Starter. This technology serves to reduce friction so that switching on the engine is smoother without sound support functions and features of the ISS.
Well, the other that supports excellence technology and components are eSP machinery included in the eSP technology are:


The chassis is not included in the eSP technology, the design of the chassis on the All New Honda Vario 150 eSP the shape box. A form frame box is believed to dampen engine vibrations will be better. Weights 150 also lighter Vario 3 kg compared to Vario 125 precursor.

Combustion Chamber

Inside the combustion chamber of the Honda Vario 150 this make which aims to mitigate and reduce friction and reduce heat temperature machine. Like a lighter piston, meaning the piston pin and the pin is made smaller, in addition to the light also reduces friction between the piston and the cylinder wall.

In addition, the position of the piston and the piston when TMA handlebars (top dead point) that is aligned with the position of the axis of the crutches as. Its benefits, when the steps or the compression, friction between the piston and the cylinder wall is getting smaller. The piston and the piston will move the handlebars perpendicular cylindrical walls without pressing in excess.

On the block cylinder there is a spiny sleeve which is a layer resembling orange peel behind the walls of the cylinder, its function is to remove heat faster.


Injector worked according to signals from the ECM to spray fuel into the intake manifold. Inside the injector which is present on All New Honda Vario 150eSP has 6 ports (holes). Each port has a hole the size of 0.130 mm.

The size of the hole that is owned by Honda Vario 150 is the smallest, with the small size of the fuel particles so that the port will be the minimum scale precision. The intent in the process fuel mist would be more homogeneous so that the impact on its efficient fuel.
iklan atas artikel

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ESP technology On All New Honda Vario 150 eSP
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