Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mercedes-Benz F015, Ready Launch Luxury Cars For The Future

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The car of the future Mercedes-Benz that debuted this week at the CES 2015 Las Vegas, introduced the Mercedes-Benz F015 for 2030 future car, here's to offer Germany luxury car manufacturer. This is a
new mercedes benz models.
Mercedes-Benz F015, Ready Launch Luxury Cars For The Future
On first impression, the electric car Mercedes-Benz F015 appeared very futuristic with a touch of carbon fiber on reinforced plastic body parts, a lighter car 40 percent of normal, elegant design LED features form the soap-bar front fascia with a bolder grille, a part given the touch diamond-pin.

With Mercedes-Benz F015 who no longer need driver, revolutionary concept of mobility become real for the first time.

Portion of the windscreen that is connected to the roof to the rear glass hourglass is running, then the side window that creates a monolithic effect mesmerizing.

The interior design is also very futuristic. Well, because this car dont need a driver, then the four seats available inside can be set free as much as possible, even as it is in the living room with the configuration of the line of sight. The front seat can also be rotated 30 degrees when the doors open.

The presence of six touch-screen that sits on each side of the car and the front part using the motion sensor body, and eyes which serves to set the appropriate travel destination and routes on the side passenger door can also make playing games when you're stuck.

Mercedes-Benz F015 inspired from the growing population of the major cities are facing frustrating traffic jams.
iklan atas artikel

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Mercedes-Benz F015, Ready Launch Luxury Cars For The Future
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