Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nissan Remove Kei-car Autech Dayz Roox Rider

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As autech workshop tunner trusted professional Nissan, always with an unusual variant and often make automotive Marvel fans see it. Major events to coincide with the Tokyo Auto Salon 2015, Autech introduces a change kei-car Nissan Roox Dayz-based Rider. This is the latest automotive news, which of course everyone wants to know since this is related to the automotive industry.

Nissan Remove Kei-car Autech Dayz Roox Rider!
The main supporting structure of its power coming from The Highway Star Turbo technology which is a mainstay of Nissan. The task is very perceptible from the Autech out cars like the radiator grille, roof, front bumper and rear view mirror coated matte chrome.

Several exterior accessories include suspension and those legs are 15 inch aluminum material is processed from Tein's Street base.

In terms of interior, Autech combines flavors of casual and elegant, thanks to the exclusive upholstery cover wrap, black or green livery collaborations and special carpet motif.

The variant Nissan Roox Dayz Rider are allocated only to this Autech interest exhibitions only. Thus, if there are consumers in countries where kei-car is sold, Japan, wants to buy it, might have to order this package Autech Nissan authorized dealers.
iklan atas artikel

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Nissan Remove Kei-car Autech Dayz Roox Rider
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