Friday, January 2, 2015

Shelby Cobra 427, 50 years Edition

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Shelby American recently showing his latest creations, 50th Anniversary 427 Cobra. The plan, this model will go into the realm of production in the near future.

The presence of the Cobra 427 is a reflection that the Shelby American at all not forget the main roots of typical muscular U.S. cars. 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427 has been designed to celebrate the golden anniversary of the Shelby Cobra model.
This model will be sold soon in a limited edition, only certain numbers are being offered for this model is worth hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Shelby Cobra 427 is indeed brought to create muscle car collector.

Shelby Cobra uses aluminum body even became the first car exterior is polished aluminum. Blend the colors white and blue exterior sector sweeten. Some other features include 15-inch wheel rims, the emblem of the 50th anniversary, racing brakes and custom instrument panel.

Will only be produced as many as 50 units only and the company will begin taking orders on 13 January to come.

iklan atas artikel

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Shelby Cobra 427, 50 years Edition
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