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The Impact Of An Open Car Air Filter

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Improve engine performance, there are many ways that can be taken. Start simple to sophisticated. Application on air filter is one of the things that are easy and simple.The ease of this application makes a lot of its manufacturer pulled out the filter model is open, or better known as the open filter. However, there is obviously an effect which must be accepted by consumers if apply this product.

There are positive, such as improving engine performance above, but should be taken into account also the disadvantage. It was not until the damage the engine, but if left constantly thus can degrade the performance of the machine. This application not only on the young people, but also established and wanted his car performed better.
The Impact Of An Open Car Air Filter
To date it has not been said if the filter is not suitable for open daily. However, the use of components beyond factory standards and provisions obviously will have an impact. Well, this impacts to be aware of:

1. the use of low resistance filter proven to improve engine power.

2. If you apply the filter, we recommend that you have open in the right direction. For if wrong, then instead of hot air engines and thus siphoned off filter. Engine performance so insufficient. Darma suggested should be made at the limiting septum or filter the air

3. Open filter does the amount of air entering totalled more than standard filters. But due to the climate and the air Indonesia tends to be dusty, this application should get more attention.Because it is possible to make condition throttle body became dirty more quickly than ordinary filters. This means that the cleaning of the TB should also more often. TB is a dirty hamper engine performance

4. don't be surprised if all of a sudden heard thundering sounds a bit if it's already open application this filter. It is very likely due to the air that goes so much more and it is not closed. For most consumers, the sound of the open filter thus desirable

5. Although very rare, open application this filter might result in bad O2 sensor. If you still want to have a good acceleration but is reluctant to open the filter, the filter low barriers to adoption can however still use the standard filter ' House '. A term often used by the replacement filter.
iklan atas artikel

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The Impact Of An Open Car Air Filter
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