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The Rise of The 911 GTS 1964, Courtesy of Porsche

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In celebration of the birthday of one of the Porsche Club in the United States more commonly known American Club of Porsche (PCA), the manufacturer of Germany made a Special Edition as one of the apresiasinya to the Club-old 60 this year.

The Rise of The 911 GTS 1964, Courtesy of Porsche

Dont want to pay the reissue restored the old models, Porsche 911 1964 which had output buming among sports car lovers such as Automotive News circulating in existence.

The Club members have the opportunity to get it as the first buyer by following the competition that made through official Club website winner will be announce at on February 1, 2015, and the remains of 59 units for the seller traded for an interest Club members, but the bottom line remains for residents of United States.

It costs for this Porsche136.060 USD not including postage of about 995 USD. Don't be fooled by much for a price you can get the engine capacity 3.8 litres using a manual or optional 7SP 7SP PDK dual-a cluth with supplying of 424 dk.

For this particular Edition, Porsche 911 GTS automotive exterior design is presented starting from the sea blue body, on the portion of the front fascia looks sharper using Bi-Xenon lights framed in black, ducktail rear spoiler and taillights remain on black accents give.

See the cabin seats with visible stitching, Carmine Red, door panels, seat belt to gain a touch of red stitching and carbon fiber trim dasboard.

The foot-foot decorated rims 20 inches in diameter with a touch of Sport Classic is given a semi-gloss black color.
iklan atas artikel

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The Rise of The 911 GTS 1964, Courtesy of Porsche
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