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Tips For Driving In Bad Condition

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Traffic density and congestion have become a common sight, especially in large cities with amazing activities. Intersect any other vehicle is easy to happen. Here are some steps that can be applied in the face of congestion:

Tips For Driving In Bad Condition

Half Couplings

Congestion is forcing the driver to stop and go walking. Instead, wait until the vehicle in front is a bit much, you just start running. In doing so, avoid the cars condition ' half-clutch ' too often. What's on your way up the ranks. Always use the parking brake to hold the car movement. (read: Safe Driver for Woman)

Transmission neutral position when stopping long

On the conditions of the old stop on the congestion, to more than 30 seconds, position the gear to neutral, unless it takes swift reaction. On the car manual clutch pedal, transmitting regardless of injakkan certainly very dangerous. While in a car with an automatic transmission, using the D position for too long when it stops, it can add to the oil consumption.

Switch line
To switch lanes, always use the headlights sein. If the path is not given, do not force. Wait until the driver behind to give way. Anyway, the difference in time between the forced move and no, is not too significant. On the contrary, the risks are so much higher. The same should also be applied when cutting the line to turn or playback.

Another indicator of the periodically

In the middle of traffic jams often occur during the day, the engine had overheat. By monitoring the indicator in the instrument panel periodically, you can find out the condition of the machine. In addition to the temperature, see also indicator light fuel oil.
iklan atas artikel

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Tips For Driving In Bad Condition
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