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Top Luxury Sedans 2015 in North American International Auto Show

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A row of luxury cars crowded the arena North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit 2015 United States at 12-25 January 2015. This is the car that would become the King of the streets in one or two years into the future and is the best luxury car brand.

Top Luxury Sedans 2015 in North American International Auto Show

Many luxury cars are on display in this show reflect the optimism of the automotive business, as showing a large, luxury cars, and the concept that goes beyond expectations.

Technology on cars luxury sedan shown illustrate the rapid progress which will be reached some time in the future. Of the many luxury vehicles, most sedan model steals the attention. For this type of car wars between producers from Japan, Europe and America are very visible. Here's some luxury sedan that is standing at the Detroit Auto Show 2015 as well as new luxury sedans.

1. Acura NSX

Super car made by Honda's premium brand line was performed with the hybrid concept. Acura NSX which appeared at the Detroit Auto Show features a 3.5 liter V6 engine that is supported by three electric motors. This combined with the kitchen runway, Acura NSX supercar could compete with Europe's kind of Koenigsegg Agera or Bugatti Veyron.

2. Infiinity Q60

Indeed, the extent of the concept still Q60 offered Infinity, premium brand under the Nissan Motor. But if it is used in automotive dealer spaces, sports coupe or sedan this charm can match the kind of European-made cars Bentley, BMW, or Mercedes. The wide grille and headlights that sharp corner into the main attraction of the new Infinity Q60, can be known publicly.

3. the Lexus GS-.

This is the answer to Lexus, the premium brand of Toyota, on the "hubris" of such European products BMW M5. Lexus is saloon equip with engines capacity, V8 cylinder gede 5,000 cc, which can give off energy 467 horse power. But if you look at her look, maybe nobody thought the engine Lexus GS-F can be as big as it is.

4. Jaguar XE

The Jaguar is somewhat in contrast to Japan's manufacturers insist on basting product to appear extravagant European model serpeti. With Jaguar XE, the original manufacturer of the United Kingdom is even attempting to get into a more compact sedan market en masse, though remains a luxury. In addition to bulldoze products Japan, Jaguars hope XE could compete with classmates from Germany model, such as the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C Class, or Audi A4.

5. Ford GT
The American manufacturer, Ford, the legendary supercar GT released the latest model. At first glance, a new Ford GT is a European style. Ford was also rumored to strip off the typical American model engine, V8 engine, and replace it with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 series, with a power of 600 horsepower. This might be one of the answer America's top trends in environmentally friendly cars, without leaving their tastes: high-performance sedan.

6. Cadillac CTS-V

This is the Cadillac of all time fastest sedan. Corvette Z06 V8 engine is supported with 640 horsepower, Cadillac CTS-V can be sped up to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds. If this sedan gassed pol, barely fly at speeds of 200 miles per hour! Ready to run with fierce European supercar.
iklan atas artikel

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Top Luxury Sedans 2015 in North American International Auto Show
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