Friday, February 27, 2015

Blend Motor Car with a Big no On Trikes F6T

On 20 February 2015, the automotive manufacturer specifically dealing with the products of the three wheeled motorcycle Trikes, launched a special edition of their named F6T. Its main characters, including the front side of the sweet fruit of a Honda Goldwing F68. So what if considered from the angle of the stern?

Blend Motor Car with a Big no On Trikes F6T

Here's the highlights of F6T Trikes. With three wheels, the ' butt ' and widens precisely designed looks like a car. Stoplamps extends design with these expressly grooves are obviously very similar to the New Honda NSX.

In proportion, Trikes F6T bongsor body concept with dimensions of length, width 1,500 mm 2.995 mm and height of 1250 mm. This system brought him more firmly in the virtue of maximum stability plus acceleration.

Playing in moge, Trikes class does not want to lose its original power. The kitchen runway capacity V6 Honda Goldwing 1.832 cc remain embedded in it and became the primary supporter, the bursts of power reaching 116 hp plus peak torque of 167Nm.

Trikes F6T was created from a theme of ' purity ' of the pure emphasis on originality of an automotive masterpiece. They created F6T with the rest of their dreams so far. Before, they had a chance to be featured as a kutom, but with all the effort they already do all this time, they managed to construct their own original masterpieces. and they offer Trikes F6T as ' third option ', a cross between a motorcycle and a car.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

'Badlands' Toughest Opponent candidate's F-150 Raptor!

The existence of the 'monster' legendary truck pick ups from America, Ford F-150 Raptor, predicted would meet new opponents are no less formidable than the perennial rivals kitchen, General Motors (GM).

'Badlands' Toughest Opponent candidate's F-150 Raptor!

The name ' Badlands ', which is currently being taken care of his patents, many talked about as a retainer at a pick-up truck from GM's latest foretold the new enemy will be the Raptor in the future.

Not much info is indeed circulating about what kind of trucks that will upload the 'Badlands' name later. For that reason, the various predictions arose one after the other.

Including some predictions that mentions the possibility of the Badlands as a model of the evolution of the concept of hardcore off-road Colorado ZR2 appearing some time ago.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nissan's Next-Gen Serve Hatchback

Getting close to the time of organizing the prestigious Geneva Motor Show event 2015, which would be held next week, one by one automaker began to open their flagship card. The case made by Nissan Europe not long ago.

Nissan's Next-Gen Serve Hatchback

The automaker, based in Yokohama, Japan released a teaser picture of such a concept next-gen newest hatchback which is claimed will be the beginning of the ' future generation Nissan compact sized car '.

Seen at a glance, a concept named Nissan Sway that will inherit the role of the car in the segment of compact-sized like the Nissan March/Micra will be born with dimensions that are not much different from its predecessor.

It's just an architecture subject to exposure to Sway, it would upload a new design language that blends unique fragrances nan trendy belongs to March with the radical angles of the Nissan Qashqai and the funky Nissan Juke.

The same report said that Nissan's central market to turn to the B-segment hatchback in Europe for next-gen Micra fielded it. In other words, the dominance of the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo later little has ever been replaced by many will be the presence of the newcomers.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Yamaha WR250R, motorcycle Trail ready to Compete

One of the hallmarks of the new Yamaha WR250R trail is a high engine revolutions and according to claims no one has reached that number. According to the Yamaha. Yamaha WR250R could reach 10,000-RPM engine revolutions.

Yamaha WR250R, motorcycle Trail ready to Compete

The machine is as high as it indicates the performance of the engine as the vehicle competition. However, Yamaha WR250R is a motor with a dual function, which can also be used on the highway because the motor is sold with the completeness of the official papers. Often, a motorcycle with performance levels of competition are not allowed to be used on the highway.

Yamaha WR250R trail marked with the engine 4-stroke DOHC, 4-valves, maximum powered 22.6 kW (30,29 HP) at the high round and a maximum torque of 23.7 Nm at 8000 RPM. Front wheel 21 inch size or larger and thinner than the back, i.e. 18 inch, with wider tread.

Motorcycles are sold with a choice of colors, Blue, this Race is already using electronic fuel injection system. The system is designed with a smooth power and throttle response is instant, supported a 6-speed gearbox which is called fit for road conditions on or off-road.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Norton Dominator 2015, True Knights Cafe Racer

Since the emergence of Norton's Domiracer, in 2013 and then still a prototype as a motor and can only spurred on the Racecourse. Up to now the Norton eventually gave birth to generations of Knights cafe racer named real Dominator. It comes in two variants: standard and limited-edition SS.

Norton Dominator 2015, True Knights Cafe Racer
The Norton Dominator reveals that the product is not a replica of the Domiracer, but still made in authentic similar levels with his version of this track only. Although the blood, but two variants of Dominator already pocketed license of road-legal and also have escaped an Euro3 standard emissions testing.

Norton Dominator engine brings the 981cc, air-cooled, parallel-twin, which refers to a machine that used the Norton Commando 961 generation. The difference is in the structure of order Dominator created specifically. The engine was capable of producing power of 80 hp.

The second variant of the Dominator is already provided with a reliable suspension from Ohlins products. For braking devices using a caliper with a single block of the race. Some components such as fendernya and aft body composed of carbon fiber materials.

Manufacturers based in the United Kingdom it priceNorton Dominator (default) on a nominal £ 19.950, while for Dominator SS valued £ 24,000. For SS variants, Norton only produce 50 units only.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mitsubishi L200, The Latest Generation Of D-Cab Mitshubishi

Right on 17th February, Mitsubishi announced that it would be a new retainer named fielded Mitsubishi Latest Sign D-Cab L200 on the Geneva Motor Show next month. Who the identity of the Mitsubishi L200 is it actually?

Patent name L200 is used since this pick-up model slid in Europe. If in the Asian region, more commonly known as Mitsubishi L200 Triton. While in Indonesia, he had a longer epithet to Mitsubishi Strada Triton.

Mitsubishi L200, The Latest Generation Of D-Cab Mitshubishi

Mitsubishi L200 Strada Triton will look like no, it's just because he was destined for the European market, specification details are definitely different.

The generation of pick-up double-cabin that has touted the same entity with Mitsubishi Pajero Sport the latest 2.4 liter engine lugging inline 4-cylinder MIVEC turbo diesel (4N15). There are two types of models to be launched in Europe.

A variant of the lowest, according to a response some time ago, brings the power of up to 152 hp plus torque of 38.7 kgm. While the higher series has a peak power of 179 hp and a maximum torque of 43.8 kgm.

In addition to offering a great power, the Mitsubishi L200 also emphasized that the minimum fuel consumption naturally eco-friendly. Of the trial results and claims of Mitsubishi, cars of this type have better CO2 emissions output up to 17% compared to its generation.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Electric Cars Tesla S Blue Present In Indonesia

Finally, Indonesia was the advent of four-wheeled vehicles that are no longer using oil fuel (BBM). And, electricity is as a replacement for FUEL to support the performance of this car.

Technological innovation in the automotive field continues to evolve. The world's automotive manufacturers, which continue to create vehicles that no longer rely on fuel, as the alternative is electricity.

Electric Cars Tesla S Blue Present In Indonesia

Tesla Motors is one of the original United States electric car manufacturer that continues to develop and manufacture electric cars Tesla that can be ridden as a passenger car.

This year, Tesla Motors began to penetrated the market of automotive in Indonesia. With the introduction of Tesla's Model S, An Evolution in Automobile Engineering through Prestige Motorcars.

Tesla Model S electric sedan car is a five-door manufactured by Tesla Motors. Since its introduction in June 2012, the sale of cars is growing rapidly and many award-winning world.

Prestige Motorcars currently provides new Tesla Model S 85 Kwh Performance. Later in April, they will present another variant that uses the Activator 60 Kwh and 85 Kwh.

Prestige Motorcars has prepared maintenance and warranty for Tesla. So no need to fear, the buyer will get one year free maintenance and a two year warranty on battery. Warranty can also be upgraded with additional costs being a premium, so that it becomes a two-year free maintenance and a four year warranty on battery.

Nissan Juke Revolt Has Been Coasting On The Market

The Nissan Juke intellectual deviation form is assessed a new market for the Nissan open. Juke that now comes with refreshment and a new variant of ' Revolt ' is intended for those who are into ' the enemy of ordinary '.
Nissan Juke Revolt Has Been Coasting On The Market

Many people assume, be a regular course is a choice. Regular course does the same with his friends, the same hobby. But for some people, being always is a problem. They want to appear different. They want to appear is not the same with the other. They want to be enemy of ordinary.

The existence of such a market Outlook and create a refreshing look finally Nissan Motor Juke after marketed four years ago.

After five years, 2015 is the right moment to launch a Juke that define more attractive. Today they launch a minor change, facelift, we go to people who a definition of ordinary.

New Nissan Juke with on the road price of US$ 20.895 to 1.5 CVT CVT Black Interior and Red Interior 1.5 US$ 21.602. Meanwhile, the Juke "Revolt" is being offered at a price of US$ 22.466 to 1.5 CVT Revolt Black Interior and US$ 23.174 to 1.5 type CVT Revolt Red Interior.
Each choice fits the interior shows the difference of US$ 1.571. The price difference associated with the addition of a spoiler, bumper sticker, limiters, and mixed colour packs.

Monday, February 16, 2015

KIA Trail'ster, Sporty Styles Ready in various Fields

Dozens of the world's largest automaker in droves expose 'ammunition' their latest big event in Chicago Auto Show 2015 has been officially held coinciding with Valentine's day this February 14.

In between the noisy crowded the patrons and the newer cars, beautiful mounts look unique original manufacturer's booth from Korea, Kia. Introduced Kia Trail'ster, here's a concept he created by uploading the essence of adventurous spirit.
KIA Trail'ster, Sporty Styles Ready in various Fields

Trailster concept is the latest creation of the Kia Design Center America after Track'ster and GT4 Stinger that first plunge into the face of the public some time ago.

In addition to design full of emotions that successive, Trail'ster skin wraps are designed tough facing any terrain fitted with aluminum skid plates and a KSport to dampen shocks coilvoer shock.

Do not miss the rollback of weatherproof canvas roof in the roof of the perfect shades of classy without compromising her enthusiasm for exploring extreme terrain.

The interior also acquired modern typical touch of classy nan Kia with a combination of bundle material aluminum accents and chocolate colored in detail corner cabin.

Technical issues the kitchen runway, Kia chose the hybrid technology mengkolaborasikan power from the engine a turbocharged 1.6 L 185 hp combined with 6-speed automatic transmission and AWD system for enhanced acceleration and traksi. The combination of his claimed output could reach 220 hp and a peak torque of up to 386 Nm.

Interior Nissan Maxima 2016

Nissan showcases several times already in existence with their sport sedan concept of order keeleganan and the matching design of the ala future nan this remarkable, but not yet though the appearance of the Interior flesh of Japan automaker shows 2015.
Interior Nissan Maxima 2016
Desired chance finally arrived after one of the lucky lovers managed to display take in a sporty new Nissan Maxima Champions 2016 as being in the ' delivery '.
Interior Nissan Maxima 2016
Nissan perfecting the outer appearance of the latest generation of gahar nan Maxima with the modernity of the interior design are not less futuristic. Flat-bottom brings the sports steering wheel and center console are low and bucket sports seats promises comfort and sporty atmosphere for the drivers later.

In addition, there is also a new infotainment system is presented with a large screen is positioned on top of the automatic transmission lever. Behind the wheel also appears to be a digital display that is no less large instrument panels situated between the increasingly exclusive feel of the Nissan Maxima reinforces this hotfix.

According to the news that are crowded in the virtual world, Nissan Maxima 2016 would be provided in the V6 engine as an option the kitchen runway and predictable again appeared before the second half of this year.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Most Formidable Car For Rescue Action, Ghe-O Motors

Ghe-O Motors, an automotive company based in Romania succeeded in creating a highly reliable products for emergency Affairs, such as saving on natural disasters.

Tough car is capable of traversing a wide range of tracks, both mainland muddy, slopes, snow piles up to being able to cross the waters. Very sturdy impression visible from the exterior design, purportedly dimensions larger than the Hummer (Humve).

The Most Formidable Car For Rescue Action, Ghe-O Motors

His ability as a rescue unit is clearly no doubt. Because the structure of the chassis and all the rescue equipment he brought was already accounted for in detail to face the natural disaster conditions.

Ghe-O Rescue himself armed with two kinds of machines namely diesel and gasoline engines. Each of these machines is able to generate power between 340-500 hp and 218-304 hp. 4 wheel drive system by 4 (4 x 4) became one of the key tracks are devouring his ferocity is difficult.

Back talk about dimension, this Rescue was recorded to have technical data 5200 x 2,700 x 2390 weighed about 3.2 tons. Inside are the engine water pump for spraying water when fire disasters.

Rescue is also holding a water tank with a volume of 620 litres. Not only that, there are also components of the vehicle a kind pneumatic pockets which helped her to float in the water and also devouring the snowy tracks. Tracks at the rear wheels, cargo (above), medical equipment, plow system, terratrip and GPS also pinned to support every action of rescue.

Manufacturers Of World Class Muscle-Bike Producing Avinton Motorcycles

Avinton Motorcycles is a manufacturer of custom moge based in France. The name was so popular among fans of muscle-bike there.

Yes true, muscle-bike is a term for this type of product to be its flagship. If we are very familiar with the term mucle-car, is not much different with muscle-bike from Avinton. Moge they produce is loaded once with a burly figure with a fierce and masculine bodywork.

Manufacturers Of World Class Muscle-Bike Producing Avinton Motorcycles

One of its newest products are indeed inspired by one of the muscle-car-Shelby Cobra (427 AC Cobra). A thick with the scent of the moge these custom V-Twin engine features of S&S, set brake from Beringer, exhaust system Arrow, bodywork carbon fiber material and other components according to the demand of consumers.

Avinton actually offers many variants, but some very famous i.e. GT, Race and Roadster (Vintage), the Grand Sport and Super Snake. Where the difference lies in the components used.

Of each variant that Avinton production is still divided into six different packages, among them; Original, Vintage, Deluxe, Grand Sport, the Super Snake and Cult.

They currently are developing a network of dealers throughout the world. But there has been no leakage of how is each of its products. Many African-American activist moge abroad which predicts the price will be comparable to high-end products Ducati.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Proton Iriz Ready To Shake The World

Yet another segment city car would return a retainer that later multiply Your choice for fans of compact-sized cars. It is Proton Iriz which have now been widely circulating in the streets of Malaysia and Brunei.

Proton Iriz Ready To Shake The World

Iriz Proton which is also still not even a year landed in Malaysia will be marketed to Indonesia by Path Proton Indonesia (PEI) starting in next May.

The Proton will continue that there are differences between the specification problem too far Iriz circulating in Malaysia with Indonesia launched into Earth's future. It's just that there will be a slight adjustment. In addition the price is rumored to be cheaper.

And this is one of the expansion of the car that came from Malaysia does not want to lose the car manufacturer from Europe and Japan. Moreover, not long ago, there has been a deal made by Indonesia with one party manufacturer Proton.

This car has a very sporty style to fit in with the style of a young child/teenager in Indonesia that has been thick with stylish sporty cars that come from the factory Honda and Suzuki.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kia Niro Ready To Challenge Honda HR-V

KIA secretly middle setting up entry-level suv to compete with the Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke and Ford EcoSport. Would be named Kia Niro.

Kia Niro Ready To Challenge Honda HR-V

Niro Middle dalaam testing prototypes camouflaged in the streets snow Scandinavia. from the photos that have been circulating shows only the front and rear lights, while his body was given a blanket. His appearance looks dashing with compact dimensions (small).

KIA has not submitted information about the model. The possibility of filling the gap between the Soul and the Sportage. The possibility will also be using the same platform of the Hyundai ix25.

Selection of the machine remains a mystery, but this crossover can offer speculation with two diesel engines T-GDI 1.0 and 1.2-liter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Datsun With Transmission Matic

Datsun in the near future plan to add automatic transmission or matic in GO and GO +. Although mentioned in the near future, party leaders have not been willing to call it directly.

Datsun With Transmission Matic

In the near future, there is a perception that the addition of automatic. Still in consideration of the Datsun, still studied because his request quite significantly.

That belief was because of the great enthusiasts have matic transmission among urban communities. This is related to the needs of riders in the face of situations often in large cities, such as traffic congestion.

The Datsun couldn't give figures for sure how many consumers who need Datsun matic. However, there is provides an overview.

The count can't count how many, but know yourself car market, the market is quite large at matic users, especially in large cities. Many ask matic with respect to travel conditions and others. So yes it is big in the big cities.

Not only transmission matic, Datsun also expose the existence of a tendency that car LCGC belongs to them be fitted airbags to bolster the safety of riders.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yamaha NMax Is Ready To Challenge Honda PCX150

The end of this weekend's media-contrived scene with two figures of the new Yamaha. Two Figures turned out to be a new motor upgrades and new motors to compete with the PCX150 belongs to Honda as in tell me By Yamaha.

 Yamaha NMax Is Ready To Challenge Honda PCX150

The case of these products is the King who is the consummation of MX from Jupiter MX. And another one is great, NMax skutik. Leakage of Yamaha NMax itself already disseminated by Yamaha.

From the manual body, Yamaha NMax will be ensured a single competitor Honda PCX150. The reason, Honda with the currently playing segment matik PCX150 themselves in the market. And Honda still sign PCX150 from Viet Nam.

Global products for the whole world this is the Yamaha motor that uses technology Blue Core. Yamaha has also been previously pin Blue tech Core in Nozza Grande (Viet Nam), Grand Filano (Thailand) and New Mio M3 125 (Indonesia).

It is not impossible Yamaha NMax will soon slide. This is because the Yamaha is one of the biggest selling in the world market.

Mitsubishi's Mysterious It Turns Out Mitsubishi PHEV-XR

A mysterious image sticking out in cyberspace. Allegedly the mysterious mounts in the teaser published by Mitsubishi Motors that will spearhead the world's hybrid cars in the segment in the near future.
Mitsubishi's Mysterious It Turns Out Mitsubishi PHEV-XR
There's not much detail can be excavated from both the teaser image. However, if the ditelisik of the Saint is not impossible he was regenerate from Mitsubishi's concept of a PHEV-XR show up in the title of the Tokyo Motor Show December 2013.

This car will upload the dynamics of taste ' bold design renaissance ' with alloy 2WD plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) technology peculiar to Mitsubishi. With it, will certainly be more menyemarakan the world's autmotive industry.

The brand is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo it self also sets forth that the later concept of a scheduled event debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015, this would later become the work that was born from a combination of the most advanced design electric motor-powered, large, environmentally friendly, dynamic and athletic.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Renault Introduces Alpine Vision For Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo games-mad soon will be able to ' sample ' driving experience that is quite remarkable, because the game with facilitating the Renault ' revival ' of their classic car, Alpine.

Renault Introduces Alpine Vision For Gran Turismo

Alpine is the legendary cars for many of the European Community. Alpine Vision is a virtual car intended as a ' power ' back car Alpine and its history. Commemorating 60 years of Alpine brand.

Cars that were touted as his Renault hypercar has adaptation antecedents in A210 and A220. Modern aerodynamics model that is embedded in the latest Alpine nose, extends from the end of the car up to the rear fins. The involvement of the world aviation looks lumpy on the car body template.

Technically, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo cars armed with measuring 4.5 Liter V8 engine. That is able to produce up to 450hp engine rotation at 6,500 and 580Nm.

The car, called the call as one of the best Renault products embedded and included on the list of the games Gran Turismo cars will be able to drive the coming in 2016 with the three different colors.

Suzuki Presents a new pick-up Coded ' Y9T '!

The first news of the new pick-up variants coded Y9T Maruti amid a compelling discussion among observers of the automotive world. According to the proclamation that is circulating, even mentioning that this is the new figure of the family will Carry Suzuki launched at an April until next June.

Suzuki Presents a new pick-up Coded ' Y9T '!

In India, Maruti Y9T will use the name market Maruti Suzuki Super Carry LCV with only limited production as the teaser market place him. According to sources who offered by Indian Autosblog, Maruti Suzuki will provide at least 80,000 units for the first year.

As commercial car intended for motorized transport wagon, Suzuki Super Carry will be cradling the kitchen runway capacity of Maruti 800 cc two-cylinder diesel that is also owned by Suzuki Celerio. In addition, the model will also be prepared with CNG engine 1.2 liters.

Although he impressed the machine used is small, but the goods transport capacity is guaranteed able to carry payloads of up to 1 tonne of goods.

Regarding the physical design, must likely be unknown existence of the same body with the nuance Suzuki Carry at Tokyo Auto Saloon last year.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Stain Cleaning Tips in car seats

Make sure to keep it clean upholstery view convenient enough for all car owners. If you drive and see the seats are dirty, definitely feels very like to clean it up. To that end, one of the elements of the interior of a car must be taken care of properly.
Stain Cleaning Tips in car seats
The first stage you have to prepare is adequate hygiene equipment. Prepare, Vacuum cleaner, detergent, delicate and also brush a little water. After all equipment is ready, clean the upholstery used to be from dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner that you have prepared.

The next step, give up to stain the detergent sweep evenly. Don't forget to wash them well with water. Then, dampen with water and brush until the stain is gone. After the stain is already clean, then do the drying by using a vacuum cleaner.

To eliminate the less savoury smells, you can use the unscented car that suits your taste. Other alternatives that may be used is the interior cleaner.