Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Electric Cars Tesla S Blue Present In Indonesia

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Finally, Indonesia was the advent of four-wheeled vehicles that are no longer using oil fuel (BBM). And, electricity is as a replacement for FUEL to support the performance of this car.

Technological innovation in the automotive field continues to evolve. The world's automotive manufacturers, which continue to create vehicles that no longer rely on fuel, as the alternative is electricity.

Electric Cars Tesla S Blue Present In Indonesia

Tesla Motors is one of the original United States electric car manufacturer that continues to develop and manufacture electric cars Tesla that can be ridden as a passenger car.

This year, Tesla Motors began to penetrated the market of automotive in Indonesia. With the introduction of Tesla's Model S, An Evolution in Automobile Engineering through Prestige Motorcars.

Tesla Model S electric sedan car is a five-door manufactured by Tesla Motors. Since its introduction in June 2012, the sale of cars is growing rapidly and many award-winning world.

Prestige Motorcars currently provides new Tesla Model S 85 Kwh Performance. Later in April, they will present another variant that uses the Activator 60 Kwh and 85 Kwh.

Prestige Motorcars has prepared maintenance and warranty for Tesla. So no need to fear, the buyer will get one year free maintenance and a two year warranty on battery. Warranty can also be upgraded with additional costs being a premium, so that it becomes a two-year free maintenance and a four year warranty on battery.
iklan atas artikel

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Electric Cars Tesla S Blue Present In Indonesia
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