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Aston Martin Seek Women And Young Boy/Girl

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Manufacturer of luxury sports cars from Aston Martin, United Kingdom, will be aiming for a market segment of women and young people through sports cars and small SUC. This step aims to boost sales amid the downturn.

Aston martin Chief Executive Officer at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 said, they wanted to create a model that is relevant to the new segment.

Aston Martin Seek Women And Young Boy

Aston Martin sales indeed amid sagging from 7,300 units to around 4,000 units in a decade. Aston Martin to escape from dependence on portfolio (products) are narrow and one types (segments) of the consumer.

Aston Martin is indeed synonymous with car mounts of the film secret agent James Bond in the United Kingdom. Only this demand mounts by fans of adult men aged sports car.

Now, hired Aston Martin, trying to create new strategies to restore sales reached 7,000 more units. One of them is by creating a product that is suitable for the new segments, namely women and young children. The product has to be relevant to customers who previously never considered going to buy Aston Martin.

One of the products that will drive electric car is made of four wheels, the central concept exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, DBX. This car is intended for the segment of young women and established.

When designing a car, a car buyers from the figure it was a wealthy young woman American Charlote.

With reference to figure it, the concept of DBX was created with an interesting interior desian, comfortable, and modern. Other than that this car is very ergonomic, and made a little different with the aim segment of the men's car.

In addition, Aston martin DBX also feature a new variant of the Aston Martin Vuclan in the world's biggest car show it. This car is made in limited quantities, only 24 units.
iklan atas artikel

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Aston Martin Seek Women And Young Boy/Girl
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