Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Honda BULLDOG Concept Challenge The Wandering

iklan atas artikel
Honda BULLDOG Concept were standing from Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015 which began to take place. The BULLDOG was designed as a fun motorcycle if invited on holiday.

The model was developed with the concept of a "Lovable Touring Partner" and are designed for motor which can deliver for a sightseeing holiday fun, especially outdoors.

His eccentricities such as adventure bike with front and rear wheel size is 15 inches. His tank is made of, to add to the impression of retro round lights use up front.

The unique thing on the side of the tank for the storage of accessories available. There is a patron of the engine and lights as well as exhaust is pulled to the bottom seat. Altitudes between upholstery only 730 mm.

Armed with a runway of 399 cc, 2-cylinder DOHC-tech. These machines are juxtaposed with the 6-speed transmission.
iklan atas artikel

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Honda BULLDOG Concept Challenge The Wandering
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