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Latest Car Cabin Cleaning Technology

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It cannot be refuted if Air-conditioning (AC) has a very vital role in supporting the ride comfort. But more recently, Honda offers intelligent solutions which simultaneously features cabins not only feels cold or cool. That is, the features can nanoe found on the newest Honda CR-V. This technology is claimed to be able to eliminate bacteria that cabin air cleaner.

In fact, technology is different with the nanoe air purifier that just suck the air is dirty, then produces a clean air after certain filtering stages. Actually this is not new stuff. By Panasonic's own technology, thus already ahead nanoe applied on air conditioner home..

Nanoe used Honda CR-V is not at all wear air filters. When enabled, works with the nanoe producing nano-particles in electrostatic water which is useful to improve the air quality inside the cabin. Then because it has an active component (Hydroxyl Radicals), he can kill viruses, bacteria, also reduce pesticides.

This technology has a number of functions, which are able to deactivate the bacteria, eliminate the smell is not bad, keep the freshness of the food, even moisturize the skin to make it more healthy.

So keep in mind, the water here is obtained from the surrounding air particles, not of a particular container or tub capacity. Water vapor which successfully collected into module nanoe, given charge of electrons and exhaled again mix with the air in the cabin.

A joyous thing of this technology is that there is no special method in the care for her, examples such as regular maintenance. Because it only works with the nanoe electric charge and humidity.

So, you simply make sure the module nanoe spared from the influx of fluid, excess dust or flammable objects. For in his own modulnya is most likely the fan is damaged, and it is the only part that moves when the feature was actively working.

Nanoe technology existing in the cabin of the CR-V isn't the only intelligent Air Purifier. Previously there have been Sharp's plasmacluster technology by being pinned on a Toyota Camry. Generally similar function, i.e. equally created the air healthy.

It's just, it's like the plasmacluster technology air purifier. He wears an air filter and ion generators are capable of producing positive and negative ion levels balanced. So it still has the capability to eliminate the evil substances such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. This tool also claimed were able to eliminate the smell of Tuberose is not inside the cabin.

So, when this is one smart solution to live healthier, why not to try it as a long-term investment?
iklan atas artikel

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Latest Car Cabin Cleaning Technology
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