Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Toyota Etios The Valco Tom's Supported Aerokit

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Fed aerokit which describes the spirit of Toyota Etios, the Valco Tom's going to follow the success of the earlier variant to compete in the slalom races.

Etios Valco not only provide comfort and reliable performance for use in everyday life, but also a proven Championship Racing slalom event on.
Toyota Etios The Valco Tom's Supported Aerokit

The driver of the Toyota Team Indonesia (TTI) using the Etios Valco as one of their mounts won the title of champion by collecting 95 total points on the Standard FWD category in the last slalom Championships in 2014.

These achievements further confirms the Etios Valco jiks that provide comfort as well as a good performance to the customer proves to be able to compete in the slalom racing and go out as a champion.

With the presence of the Etios Tom's, they expect their users could feel the sensation more drive on the track racing slalom because supported by describing the spirit of aerokit aura slalom.

Tom's own aerokit design is the work of Indonesia's children developed by the team of Product Planning Division TAM. Toyota Indonesia also never apply aerokit Tom's at Toyota Vios are limited as much as 100 units sold in 2003.

Tom's design philosophy inspired by the sport of surfing is the sport of casual and have a more spontaneous movements. Surfing is also a dynamic sports and always moving, symbolizing passion and energy.

Earlier in the year 2015, the Toyota Etios will have improvement in order to appear more alluring Valco according to developments and needs of the market. Toyota refreshes the display side of the exterior of this hatchback, among others, on a New Front and Rear Bumpers, Side Skirt, and a Roof Spoiler that improves the look of Etios Valco more sporty.
iklan atas artikel

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Toyota Etios The Valco Tom's Supported Aerokit
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