Monday, April 6, 2015

Caught Off Guard, It Faces The Newest Toyota Camry

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A day ahead of the official launch, the latest Toyota Camry look terjepret camera in Jakarta. As predicted beforehand, the exterior is the same as it has been coasting in Thailand and some other countries, adopted the existing design of the latest Toyota sedan.
 Caught Off Guard, It Faces The Newest Toyota CamryThe front is similar to two other, namely sedan Vios and the Corolla Altis, neat appearance with a distinctive style of keen look. The difference, grilles Camry looks more firmly with a large surface. Fog lights poking in the Middle, while the Chrome accent grilles coat the pieces.

Not only the exterior, reportedly the latest Camry would give comfort and more safety features. Suspected airbags will be more complete for each passenger if compared to the previous model which marketed PT Toyota Astra Motor.

By comparison, the Camry hybrid photos included on display at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2015 not long ago. the face: the same, only different at some point, such as the presence of signature lamp that appear at the ends of the bumper.

This midsize sedan will continue to be the top segment of the dredge TAM weapons. In Indonesia, the Camry started to be marketed in 2000 replace Corona Absolute which is no longer produced. Since then, this model of success in the market, even stronger with the predicate "car of the Minister".
iklan atas artikel

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Caught Off Guard, It Faces The Newest Toyota Camry
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