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How To Brake Damage Detection Used Cars

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The process of checking the hounded, used cars brake system sometimes escape from inspection points. Because there are car owners who forbid you try cars before there agree. When the brake system is a system that is very important for the vehicle. The system serves to reduce the rate of this vehicle, absolute is in good condition. If not, clear Your driving safety is threatened.

How To Brake Damage Detection Used Cars

Did You test the way wherever possible used car you want to buy. So know the condition of the car when it drove. But if not, let's not gundah first, there is a simple way to find out the condition of the brake system of the car. How to check the condition of the oil brake oil tube lid. open the brake, see volume and its condition.

If the brake oil volume decrease could been two possibilities. Like the brake shoes is thinning or fluid leaks in the brake system for leaks, you should check the condition of the oil tubes surrounding the brakes and the brake master.

If you are allowed to try the car, it would be much more detailed and can be known. So don't fall asleep with cheap prices and a smooth body condition only. Take a moment to check brake system. Here's some indication of the occurrence of damage based on the character of the brake pedal when braking.

The Brake Pedal Feels In
When you're driving and brake pedal feels when we step in, you deserve to get suspicious. There is something problem in the brake system of the car. The step on the brake pedal in when brake is usually derived from the problematic brake master. You are not recommended to replace the brake master seals only, because usually damage occurred either on the cylinder walls and sil master brake brake master. replace in its entirety in order to be secure.

Brakes Not Existing

This problem is usually caused by two components. The first is the brake master is damaged. Could be due to a leak, the oil seals the brake cannot push at maximum piston caliper. In addition, the brake shoes can also be the cause. Could be because it's already thinning or due to poor product quality. For example using the brake shoes of imitation.

The brake shoes were too much metal content also can be hazardous to the brake disc. Because of its abrasive, the discs become more quickly eroded and could be bumpy.

The Brakes Hard When Stampede

If the brake pedal feels hard when walked on, the brake booster likely caused troubled. This component is useful to help relieve the master brake work to push the brake oil to take advantage of the vacuum of the intake of the engine. You should not fix the brake booster brake booster reconditioning or buying.

Brake Pedal Vibrate When Stampede

These symptoms usually appear when you are braking at speeds of 80-100 kilometers per hour. Brake pedal vibrates when we dish the discs had been caused by the thin and wavy. If it still belongs to the category is still not secure, or touch a number of minimum thickness disc-wavy discs, can still be dibubut so that its surface is flat again.

How About ABS?

System for ABS, there is in fact already the indicator light on the instrument panel. If ABS indicator remains lit or flashes when the machine is turned on, it means there is a problem in the ABS system. you must do some checking with a diagnostic to know exactly the root of the problem. Note the speed sensors are, "If dirty can cause lights ABS lights up," said Edy Sutasno, Honda Dealer Instructors Kebon Jeruk, Jakbar.

Check also the modulator or ABS pressure balance device, because this component is also vulnerable to damage. There are a few cases, for car owners who have pets who died, not the speed sensor cable could be severed because the pet was bitten. Note this component and checks in the workshop's official, considering the price of the speed sensors are relatively expensive.
iklan atas artikel

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How To Brake Damage Detection Used Cars
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