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How To Detect The Airbags Work Properly

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Airbags or airbag become standard safety features on four-wheeled vehicles. Typically airbags are stored at the steering wheel and dashboard. On a number of premium car brand, airbags are also found in parts of the headrest and each side to protect the passengers in the rear cabins of the banging in the event of an accident.
How to detect the Airbags work properly
There are a number of ways to do car owners to check the function of the airbag:

1. Check the function of the Airbag
On cars equipped with airbags, there is an indicator light located on the dashboard, near spidometer. The indicator light will be lit when the car is turned on. Vehicle owners can check the airbag system problems through these lights by the number of blinks is a code.

Code 12: or the indicator light flashes as many as 12 times, it means that the battery voltage is low.
Code 13: the indicator light flashes 13 times, means there is a problem with the airbag circuit boards (shorted).
Code 14: indicator light blinks 14 times, means there is a problem with the sensor collision.
Code 21: 21 times indicator light flashes, it means that airbags are not installed correctly.
Code 22: 22 times indicator light flashes, it means that the sensor is not functioning because of a clash of low battery voltage.
Code 23: 23 times indicator light flashes, the sensor circuit problem in the clash.

The owner of the vehicle must immediately to the nearest repair shop for the airbag problem checked.

2. Terms of airbags inflate
-In the event of a collision at a minimum speed of 22 kilometers per hour. On some brands of car, airbags inflate if the collision occurs at a speed of 12 kilometers per hour.
Airbag systems can detect the location of passengers. If the car had only one person (the driver), the time of the accident airbag inflate in place of the driver only.
-The clash
Airbags inflate according to the direction of impact. Airbags on the dashboard or steering wheel will not inflate when the collision happened on the side of the vehicle or the car rolled over.
iklan atas artikel

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How To Detect The Airbags Work Properly
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