Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6 Leaked of Honda Sonic, The Suzuki Satria FU Competitors

After the release of the silhouette of the Honda Sonic 150 R referred to as competitors the Suzuki Satria FU, Indonesia Welovehonda accounts also circulate the video teaser footage on the video sharing website YouTube. Interestingly, there are sekelebatan leakage can be listened from the shots of motorcycle sport underbone that.

1. Shell lamp
Shell lamp parts Honda Sonic 150 R really new compared to previous models. Shape larger or wide with sharp lines, as well as two-tone shades. However, the area surrounding the shell yet can be inferred, such as display meters.

2. Brake discs
Entrenched in a wheel disc brakes front and rear. The front discs are larger than the rear. His model similar to those mounted on Satria FU, which is widening with the bolt-bolts that rely on cross-bars are thin on the rims.

3. Wheel rims
The design of the front and rear rims are similar to those used on Satria FU, but presumably not yet there will be many choices of colors other than black. The difference is, the design of the cross spread over small is more erect form construction of stars, while the Satria FU leaning more.

4. Radiator
Radiatornya big enough than the Satria FU belongs. Its size was almost twice as large, but with the same placement position, i.e. behind the base of the shock absorber. Large radiator sign greater power?

5. Body parts
Part body parts look sharper and wider than the previous model at Sonic. The pattern of his stickers began to dislike, with a modern composition.

6. Exhaust
The shape of the exhaust or the exhaust duct is now conventional, shows a tendency of its position as the motor daily rather than previous models of a new model of "exhaust the space under" gambot. Any exhaust like a small version of that used in moge CB500F

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Suzuki Jimny Pick Up-Style Dress Up

Its existence as one of the legends in the SUV segment in the minds of the offroad enthusiast can hardly replaceable. No wonder if it's still a lot of fans who waited for the current generation Suzuki Jimny figure so soon plunge into stock four wheel.
Suzuki Jimny Pick Up-Style Dress Up
Want a very diminutive form nan creations of Jimny brought designers from Theophilus Chin get inspiration to clothe the champion offroad with pick up in a computer rendering arguably.

Seen from the outside appearance is quite simple. The front-end shape is maintained as the original version, while the back part of the body is cut as the tub chassis, and pick up car some parts made slightly elongated added a series of panel composition body.

In the unlikely event of a virtual design dimension Jimny pick up is realized, the greater will be the likelihood of the dimensions of Toyota Hilux or the Strada Triton. But with the concept and the idiosyncrasies of a very thick, sure he could have made the choice of friends while adventure later.

Suzuki S-Cross Present Early August

It was reported by the local media the land of Bollywood, not long ago a mention if Maruti Suzuki S-Cross has prepared four-wheeled stock peaked in India in the near future.

The news was delivered by Marketing & Sales Maruti Suzuki India, which also deliver if the launch of the Suzuki S-Cross in India will be held in the first week in August.

Jawara which are labeled as ' premium crossover ' presented in attractive exterior bundle a jumbo sized hefty hatchback with a style that is not less than its rivals.

S-Cross to India is prepared in two variants of diesel engines, namely the DDiS MultiJet 1.3 litre powered 200 90 hp with a torque of 200 Nm are mated with manual transmission 5-acceleration.

On the other hand, there is a 1.6-liter DDiS 320 capacity are more powerful with an output power reaches 120 hp and torque of 320 Nm. Engine type this one mix with manual transmission 6-acceleration.

According to the same alerts, Suzuki S-Cross in India has yet to be has a variant of the gasoline engine or manual transmission.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Appearance of Toyota Land Cruiser Facelift 2015

Again, for fans of the legendary SUV known formidable terrain adventure from the kitchen of Toyota.
The Appearance of Toyota Land Cruiser Facelift 2015
After some time ago that upload just be a picture of the computer rendering results, this time snapshots that she serve gave the appearance of a figure believed to be obvious as the Toyota Land Cruiser facelift version 2015.

Examine the physical part in the picture, look a few sections were given new refreshment area later designs such as the hood, grille and headlamps also peppered the chrome accents plugin. The new profile at the bumper add a strong impression of a car who was dashing over half a century.

While in the area of the aft, in addition to the new graphics and full LED units that adorn the new taillamps, looks like a chrome shades participated and presented in the area of the back of the car in the form of a chrome bar that reads ' Land Cruiser ' that extends to the bottom of the lamp.

For a while we are still not able to see the whole bongsor or whether Toyota Land Cruiser Facelift version 2015 this later. But it looks like there won't be too many changes in terms of dimensions.

Hybrid Engines For Replacement Car Bugatti Veyron

The end of production of the Bugatti Veyron which is characterized by the appearance of the Veyron La Finale, it will reveal the birth of the heir to the figure of the kedigdayaan world's fastest record holder. Mampukah he fight with the players in the class of the hypercar now touted future was captured by Koenigsegg One: 1?
Hybrid Engines For Replacement Car Bugatti Veyron
The figure of the Bugatti Chiron is indeed not too famous as the predecessor. But with his position that is mentioned is the identity of the Veyron, making his presence often become the spotlight.
Some time ago the Bugatti Chiron even ever found was doing a test run in the streets and showed how serious the Bugatti would change the car. Pull it again, the crew of the new media-new kissing word if he will adopt a hybrid engine.

In an interview VW Group expose the true existence of under news. Later, the existing gasoline engine as long as it will be converted into hybrid with enhanced performance for the first time.

Through the statement, expectations began to develop and direct at the thought if Bugatti Chiron would use the old machine but enhanced with some special power plus support collaboration electric motor.

Thus, the conclusion while Chiron predicted performance using the kitchen runway 8 liter W16 with total blast reaches 1,500 hp. While the culmination of speed was able to touch the figure of 460 km/h.