Wednesday, July 8, 2015

6 Leaked of Honda Sonic, The Suzuki Satria FU Competitors

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After the release of the silhouette of the Honda Sonic 150 R referred to as competitors the Suzuki Satria FU, Indonesia Welovehonda accounts also circulate the video teaser footage on the video sharing website YouTube. Interestingly, there are sekelebatan leakage can be listened from the shots of motorcycle sport underbone that.

1. Shell lamp
Shell lamp parts Honda Sonic 150 R really new compared to previous models. Shape larger or wide with sharp lines, as well as two-tone shades. However, the area surrounding the shell yet can be inferred, such as display meters.

2. Brake discs
Entrenched in a wheel disc brakes front and rear. The front discs are larger than the rear. His model similar to those mounted on Satria FU, which is widening with the bolt-bolts that rely on cross-bars are thin on the rims.

3. Wheel rims
The design of the front and rear rims are similar to those used on Satria FU, but presumably not yet there will be many choices of colors other than black. The difference is, the design of the cross spread over small is more erect form construction of stars, while the Satria FU leaning more.

4. Radiator
Radiatornya big enough than the Satria FU belongs. Its size was almost twice as large, but with the same placement position, i.e. behind the base of the shock absorber. Large radiator sign greater power?

5. Body parts
Part body parts look sharper and wider than the previous model at Sonic. The pattern of his stickers began to dislike, with a modern composition.

6. Exhaust
The shape of the exhaust or the exhaust duct is now conventional, shows a tendency of its position as the motor daily rather than previous models of a new model of "exhaust the space under" gambot. Any exhaust like a small version of that used in moge CB500F
iklan atas artikel

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6 Leaked of Honda Sonic, The Suzuki Satria FU Competitors
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