Friday, September 25, 2015

Ferrari Introduces Strongest Spider Model 488

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Ferrari Spider 488 debuted at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. This car into a new chapter in the history of Maranello for the open-top sports car V8.

This model is the most powerful ever Spider created by Ferrari with stock engine turbo-charged V8 belongs to 488 3.902-capacity cc coupe.

Armed with the mechanical rate, this model is able to explode the maximum power of 670 CV, as well as equipped with Variable Torque Management System that ensures a smooth torque hantaran and progressive on the teeth height up to a maximum of 760 Nm at 3,000 rpm.

Ferrari Spider is able to accelerate the quick 488 from 0-100 km/h within 3 seconds and 0-200 km/h in time of 8.7 seconds, while the driving lever speed response only took 0.8 seconds, and remove the turbo lag conditions that generally occur on machines like.

Scaglietti centre creating an aluminum skeleton into a machine that is light weight and high performance. The frame structure is made of 11 different types of aluminum melting pot of 6,000 that contains various magnesium content and have special characteristics to suit the needs of different types of applications.

No wonder Ferrari 488 Spider produces a torque and sturdy order as found in the coupe that has structural roof, so being able to improve the performance of the chassis 23% greater than the 458 Spider.

These models use the RHT (Retractable Hard Top) which was first introduced on the 458 Spider as a solution for mid-engined car rear-the first in the world. RHT were presented as an alternative to traditional soft-top because not only is lighter (less than 25 kg). While the wind-stop made of glass can be set in three different positions. No less important, RHT also can open-close in just over 14 minutes even though the car is in motion.

Mechanical arrangements as well as the control of dynamic property of 488 Spider contribute important in producing the sporty performance while the car is on the road, with the Manettino settings are selected according to needs. In particular, the technicians have been making magnetorheological dampers to create maximum sporty performance without sacrificing comfort. System Side Slip Angle Control new SSC2 also facilitates non-professional drivers to reach the limits of its ability.

In addition, to ensure the fun behind the wheel on challenging roads, 488 Spider can respond almost instantaneously upon input from the steering wheel, 9% or 0.06 seconds faster than the previous model.

Ferrari Design Center has been accommodating RHT and meet the needs of this German car. Section stand out, namely the flying buttresses that optimally circulate air to hood, the dent in the hood, and water intakes with grille-shaped nets that add dynamic impression on that section.

Ferrari Spider 488 is also introducing a new color that is designed specifically to reinforce its shape. The fluffy Blu Corsa seems almost blend with the sky above it, metallic particles of paint found on the car showed a sparkle that confirms the volume lekukannya. The effect of the unusual color would be created thanks to two layers of painting system.

The roar of engines 8 cylinders in 488 Spider also has a song completely different thanks to the presence of a longer exhaust headers with the pipes of the same size in length as well as the crankshaft flat.
iklan atas artikel

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Ferrari Introduces Strongest Spider Model 488
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