Saturday, September 26, 2015

First Impression the Mazda CX-7, Competitors Honda HR-V!

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The dimensions are smaller than the Mazda CX-5 with many of the same features with All New Mazda2, ready to challenge the Honda HR-V next year

Mazda CX-7 trumpet will be present in Indonesia. Next year. About early or late, it is still spoken of again.

Plan a 2,000 cc gasoline engine would enter. Don't linger waiting for, direct aja eksplor body. From the size, slightly smaller than his brother, the CX-5. If the view data speknya the hell is indeed correct. The CX-3 dimensions of 4,419 1,441 1,550 mm x x (P x L x T) while the CX-5-sized 4,540 x 1,840 x 1,699 mm.

The design and features are the same with All New Mazda2. Both 13 cm wheelbase (CX-3 = 2.570 mm and CX-5 = 2,700 mm). That is, if the CX-3 competition with HR-V. Sign in to view the front, around the cabin feels familiar, nothing new! Oww cockpit design turned out to be the same like All New Mazda2.

Full speaker Bose offerings. Because of platforms both setali three money equal aka. Even its furnishings were not much different. Example feature MZD Connect and Commander Control as well as head-up display or labeled Active Driving Display.

Leg room rear similar to its competitors. With feature-climate control AIR CONDITIONING, Audio & Voice Command Control on steering wheel, paddle shift, start stop push button is also available. What about the engine? In Japan, the CX-3 offers a choice of two engines, Skyactiv-G (Gasoline) 2,000 cc and Skyactiv-D (Diesel) 1,500 cc with Skyactiv transmission-MT (manual 6 acceleration) and Skyactiv-Drive Automatic (automatic 6-acceleration). Whether the two will enter Indonesia?

The C pillars and glass made blends, quite interesting. If the 1,500 cc diesel we baseball will eject. Because it is still studying the standard solar in Indonesia in the past.

When asked the price, Astrid cannot yet be sure. But in Japan, is the CX-3 from different type ranges from $ 21,243 USD. But heck, the CX-3 will be imported from the factory Mazda in Thailand so that it can be more competitive.
iklan atas artikel

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First Impression the Mazda CX-7, Competitors Honda HR-V!
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